Fast hairstyle for medium hair in five minutes

There is an opinion that hair of medium length should be taken care of not so zealously, and a quick hairstyle for medium hair is easily created. In fact, this is not so. For hair, you need to look after, regardless of their length and structure. This rule should be remembered for all women! Just average hair requires a little less care than long hair. In addition, the time to lay or create a hairstyle takes half as much, which is quite natural. So, how exactly is a fast hairstyle for medium hair created?

Traditional tail is created not only from long hair. It is much more natural and playful this hairstyle looks from medium length hair. Especially if then apply some strands of mousse or wax and fluff them. You can, having selected one strand from the tail, wrap it with an elastic band, and thus the last one to hide. This hairstyle is created very quickly and looks elegant enough. Some kind of tail is done with the help of a braid. Tie a tall tail and from it braid the braid, fixing it with the same elastic band as the tail itself. On the average length of hair this hair looks slightly childish, but it does not lose its attractiveness.

Hairstyles for medium length hair are created quickly if you take as a basis the knot. For example, a Spanish knot can be done literally in five to seven minutes, except for washing your head. So, wash your head and be sure to dry it with a hairdryer, using an air conditioner or mousse as a softener. After combing the hair, collect them in the tail in the occipital region. Secure with an elastic band. The remaining hair is combed once again and treated with mousse or foam, as this hairstyle implies smoothness and severity of the lines. Now braid the plait and gently lay it along the base of the tail. Pin the result with the studs. For a more frivolous effect, use hairpins with rhinestones or decorative ornaments. This fast hairstyle for medium hair is suitable for both an official event and an ordinary walk around the city. In addition, the Spanish knot looks more free, if you release a few curls framing the face.

The bunch is a really fast hairstyle for medium hair. And make it more comfortable from the pre-braided spit. You can braid a pigtail from a high tail or do not bother with the original collection of hair in the tail. Pin the structure with the studs and - voila - the hair is ready. The more fascinating and not so strict will look like a bundle braided as follows. Collect the hair in the tail and divide it into two even parts. One part of the hair is wrapped along the tail gum and fixed with hairpins. The second one - around the first one and also fix with the studs. Any fast hairstyle for medium hair is created in 5-10 minutes and looks elegant enough and beautiful. A bunch, tail and knot are the most common types of hair, but you can experiment on your own and find something new, your own!

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