Eau de toilette "Empress" from "Dolce Gabbana": reviews, photos

When in 2009 Emperor Eau de toilette was released, the bottle of which is presented below, this caused a great resonance among the public, and the responses were rather ambiguous: someone applauded standing, someone called this creation a sour rhubarb compote. How can we explain both boundless love and cold non-acceptance by the public at the same time? Of course, such a brand as "Dolce Gabbana" obliges to something refined. And the name itself pretends to the grandeur and chic royalty. So, does the Empress's toilet water correspond to its name?

Unflattering reviews

Somehow it's wrong to start with a negative, but most of those who did not like the fragrance, to put it mildly, branded it as a mass-market cheapie, a catalog version, a watermelon "Orbit" and so on and so on.

Although here it's not in the fragrance itself, but in the dissonance of form and content. And this strangeness lies in the following: Naomi Campbell in the promorick, the loud name of the fragrance and the tandem Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are already at the subconscious level set up that from under the cap of the bottle there will be something divine, majestic, rich, corresponding to the chic era And glamor.

And for some reason it seems that the fragrance should always be evening. But no, the first notes lead to surprise and disappointment. Someone will ask again, they say, is this really the same Emperor's toilet water?

Error perfume house

They say, as the ship is called, so it will float. Is this true for the flavor in question? Having given such a loud name, the perfumers of "Dolce Gabbana" probably hoped that it would attract buyers in and of itself.

So it happens. But the same name served the spirits of a disservice: instead of focusing on the very fragrance, quite decent and feminine, most people are looking for an explanation for such a binding title and leave without finding it. It is even said that the empress's servant smells so, and not the mistress of life herself.

And it's not that the smell is bad (although this definition is subjective in any case), simply entourage in any case obliges. But everything could be different: the name is more modest, advertising is not so pretentious, - and, probably, this toilet water would not be judged so severely.

But what about the essence of the fragrance itself?


In the upper notes are placed pink pepper, kiwi and rhubarb, in the heart are jasmine, watermelon and cyclamen, and in the base - musk, sandalwood and lemon tree. Accordingly, this fragrance belongs to the group of flowers and water. The ingredients are chosen very competently.


At first, a juicy pepper is heard, then the smell of a watermelon-lemon sweet crack. But there is no cloying here, only all-consuming freshness. A trail of the same lemonade caliber. "Derevyachki" from the base barely perceptible.

But there are also such noses, which in the "Empress" managed to smell the creamy tenderness and flowing aroma of sweet milk. Someone discovers peaches or olives, which are not claimed in the composition, (this, probably, kiwi gives such an effect). Others imagine the apple orchard in the early summer, when the fruit is still green and sourish. This is the merit of rhubarb.

Stability and Loop

Floral water aromas, to which the Empress's toilet water belongs, are usually light in perception by others and do not stifle with a train. The ideal time for this perfume is spring-summer, it is especially good after a warm rain. Although in winter it is pleasant to hear the smell of delicious watermelon lemonade.

This smell is not at all straining the sense of smell, it does not hurt the head, except from large concentrations. So for working indoors - the very thing. It is also comfortable for active recreation, and for evening walks. As they say, for all occasions. An additional but significant plus.

The strength of the toilet water is medium, basically it lasts 6 hours, then it needs to be updated. The train is also small, that is, the aroma is heard maximum in the radius of the outstretched arm.

Eau de toilette "Empress": responses from fans

Many, buying the first issue back in 2009, remain loyal to him to this day. No matter how trumpet about its absurdity, the toilet water for women "Empress" is quite popular and, accordingly, recognizable. For most of the fairer sex this was love from the first notes.

For what do army of fans love it?

First, for the dynamism and modernity. She is in good harmony with the image of a young energetic woman living in the tempo of a large city. Perhaps a little time will pass, and this fragrance will become the personification of the second decade of this century.

Secondly, the toilet water "Empress" is good for its versatility. This perfume is suitable for different styles of clothing (and kezhual, and business, and romantic, and sporty). This does not mean that on the dressing table should only stand a rectangular bottle with pale pink water, because it's not the "Empress" single ... But every woman and girl has a mood when you want to relax from heavy perfumery artillery or just to exude a fresh, A non-binding aroma. Well, those who prefer to wear the same flavor in the winter and summer, from the "Empress" will simply be delighted. It is suitable for such needs.

Of course, the universality of any flavor entails its eerie popularity. Therefore, many have already become boring the toilet water "Empress" ("Dolce Gabbana"). Feedback from those who refused this perfume only for this reason, serve as a confirmation.

There is also a category of indifferent people who declare that they can not say anything bad or good, because there is nothing to blame for, and he did not bring them any special delight. But sometimes you need to smell the smell in order to more or less determine the estimates.

Eau de toilette "Empress" ("Dolce Gabbana"): reviews of men

On their part, everything is unequivocal: full respect. Almost all unanimously declare that they are delighted with this toilet water. What exactly attracts them is usually difficult to say, but most likely it is the peachy freshness that personifies youth, and the vigor of watermelon, which is responsible for some dynamics of the image of the girl wearing this fragrance. Although aphrodisiacs are not observed here, this smell is perceived by a strong sex as a kind of sensual message.

In a word, this woman's toilet water "Empress" is very popular with men. It is not surprising that as a gift to loved ones from a multitude of other spirits, they very often choose it.

You can, of course, still throw a lot of caustic phrases against this toilet water, but the sales of this perfume product speak for themselves: they get it almost liter. Well, perhaps, frenzied popularity is one of the arguments to get acquainted with the "Empress" closer, if someone has such an opportunity yet.

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