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Drawing flowers in pencil is not really difficult

People like to draw. Even those who believe that they do not have artistic abilities, sometimes draw - at least for their children. And if you doubt your abilities, but feel a craving for creativity - try to draw flowers in pencil: maybe after that you will believe in yourself and your talents.

You can start with a narcissist. In addition to being one of the first to blossom in the spring, which pleases simply because everyone is already tired of winter, it has an unusual (naturally, for flowers) form, but it is not too complicated in drawing, even for an inexperienced artist.

Note: narcissus is somewhat different in structure from other colors. The stalk, elegant, slender and proportionate, flows smoothly into the flower itself, which consists of large, clearly delineated petals and a cup.

It does not matter if you draw from nature or use photography, or maybe a picture. In the latter case, if there is an intention to draw flowers with a pencil, you will need to take care that the image is as clear as possible - and only. But some sort of nature is necessary, so as not to distort the proportions.

First, the angle is carefully studied - the position of the flower in relation to the artist. Depending on this, the axes are outlined, in accordance with which the narcissus will be drawn. The first should go vertically (or under a slight slope) through the stalk, and the other - through the center of the corolla on the pedicel. This line is needed in order to draw flowers in pencil in the right direction. The arrangement of the narcissus on paper, firstly, should be consistent with its proportions, and secondly - be oriented in the center of the sheet.

Next, the outlines of a flower are drawn. Proportions must be observed! I would not like to get out of the cabbage cabbage on a thin stalk and with two stunted green stripes instead of leaves. Even an inept artist can paint flowers in pencil beautifully and correctly, if he does not forget about the ratio of individual parts.

Further, smooth lines, taking into account the perspective, outlines. Closer details are drawn more clearly, sharper and more detailed, further ones are somewhat hazy, more softly.

The last actions that are performed when drawing a flower (in our case narcissus) - toning, which should correspond to its color. Narcissus - soft flowers. Painted in pencil (simple), they need shadows, a background, shades, otherwise a flat and inexpressive image will turn out. Shaded details are emphasized by enhanced shading, almost white petals stand out with light strokes. The middle of the narcissus is obscured, and the stem and leaves are made completely dark - this is just the background, it should not stand out, it emphasizes the theme of the drawing.

After comparing with the original, the finishing touches are added, which must add to the picture of persuasiveness.

Now that you know how to draw a flower with a pencil, you can experiment with other plants. The basic rule: do not forget about the proportions, placement on the sheet, shadows, background ... Create! You will succeed.

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