"Detailing" service: printout of "Tele2" calls

Viewing of information on expenses and paid actions on the subscriber's number "Tele2" can be carried out with the purpose of finding out the write-offs or monitoring the activity of actions on the number. In case you need to clarify the information about how much money was spent on communication services, then use the "Detailing" service (printout of "Tele2" calls and data on other operations on the number), it is not necessary.

It is enough to use any of the interfaces of the personal cabinet (mobile application, web site) - already on the initial page of the service information about expenses for the current month will be available. To view data for previous periods, it is sufficient for a client to specify a specific month. In addition to the summary information, information will be provided on the services for which amount of money was spent. However, if you want to print out "Tele2" calls and detailed information about paid activities and write-offs from the number, you will not be able to do without the "Detailing" service.

What information is displayed in the detail?

The service can be used by any subscriber considered in the current article of the operator, independently choosing the most convenient variant of data acquisition. Printout of calls "Tele2" means the provision of the following data regarding the customer's account:

  • Type of service (call, message, Internet, regular payment, ordering content);
  • Volume of service (number of minutes, Internet traffic);
  • The cost of the service (final, taking into account the cost of the service and its volume);
  • Time of the operation (actions on the number);
  • Phone numbers of persons to whom the call was made or a message was sent (in this case, details of the failed call will not be displayed in detail, i.e. if the other subscriber could not be reached - only the services actually used are displayed here).

Options for obtaining detail

The printout of calls "Tele2" can be ordered and received in two ways:

  • Through any interface of the personal cabinet (web or mobile application);
  • In the sales and consulting office of Tele2 customers (on the official resource of the company for each region there is information about the addresses of the salons and their operating modes).

Is there a difference between these options in terms of using the "Detailing" service? Which option should you choose?

Printout of "Tele2" calls via the Internet

This option is suitable for the following categories of customers:

  • Who does not want to spend money and time for a trip to the salon of sales and service;
  • Who does not plan for receiving information to pay money;
  • Who wants to receive information about calls and other types of services on the room for a period of six months.

With the first point everything is quite transparent - it is not always convenient to contact the company's offices. The second point should be clarified, the point is that the printout of calls "Tele2" is provided free of charge via the Internet. Thus, when choosing a service on a site or in a mobile application, the customer will not have to pay. This means getting data for a month (there can be only six months). If you need to get information for an earlier period, then without a visit to the salon will not work.

Ordered printout of "Tele2" calls free of charge via the Internet can be as follows: by visiting the personal cabinet on the operator's website or by opening the application for cellular gadgets, go to the "Expenses" section and click the "Detailing" button. Since the report will be sent by e-mail, be sure to indicate your address in the appropriate field.

Getting Detail in the Sales and Service Salon

If it is more convenient for a client to get into the Salon of the operator "Tele2" and get a "report" on the paid actions on his number, then the following nuances should be considered:

  • Data is provided only to the SIM card holder (you should have an identification card with a photo with you) - printout of calls "Tele2" of another's number through the salon can not be received;
  • The cost of the service is thirty rubles - when forming a report for one calendar month (thus, if you need to receive a report for seven months, it is easy to calculate that the service will cost 210 rubles); The cost of detail in different regions of the country may change;
  • Information on activities on the number (for 36 months) is provided only for the last three years; Whether it is possible to obtain data for a longer period should be specified in the office.

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