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Delicious oatmeal on the water: recipe

Oat porridge on the water, the recipe of which will be considered below, it turns out delicious and satisfying only if it is additionally flavored with dried fruits, butter, cinnamon or other ingredients. But if you decided to do such a dish without milk, as you adhere to a strict diet, then all the above-named components are also not recommended.

Oatmeal on the water: recipe for step by step cooking

Required ingredients for the dish:

  • Filtered drinking water - 500 ml;
  • Oat flakes - 6-7 large spoons;
  • Common salt - ½ dessert spoon;
  • Sand sugar - 2/3 of a large spoon;
  • Butter creamy fresh - 25 g (optional);
  • Raisins, dried apricots, prunes - ½ of a faceted glass (optional);
  • Honey flower - 1 dessert spoon.

The process of cooking

Most often, oatmeal porridge on the water is necessary only when the house is out of milk, and go to the store is not very desirable. Also, the milk drink is replaced with the usual boiling water, when a person needs a strict diet. In any case, this dish is made quickly and easily.

Preparation of oatmeal on the water should begin with the fact that you want to take a small pot, pour in the cleaned drinking water and bring it to a boil over high heat. Then the gas should be reduced to the minimum value, and then pour into the dishes of the flakes. It is worth mentioning that each person should calculate the amount of oatmeal laid out independently. After all, someone likes to eat thick porridge, and someone, on the contrary, prefers to use a more liquid dish.

After all the flakes are in the water, they need to mix well and wait for the liquid to boil again. Next, the porridge should be cooked on low heat for about 10-14 minutes. Do not cover the dishes with a lid. 2-4 minutes before the end of heat treatment "Hercules" it is recommended to sprinkle with salt and sugar. To add such spices should also be to your liking.

After the flakes are swollen, the saucepan with the porridge must be closed with a lid and then removed from the heat, wrapped tightly in a towel and left for 30 minutes aside.

If the oatmeal on the water, the recipe of which is surprisingly simple, is not done for dietary nutrition, immediately after the heat treatment it is necessary to add dried fruits and butter to it, and only then wrap the dishes with porridge in a cloth and leave for swelling. It should be noted that raisins, dried apricots and prunes must be scalded with hot boiling water and washed thoroughly under warm water.

How to serve to the table correctly

Oat porridge on the water, the recipe of which is presented in this article, is served to the table in a hot or warm state. To do this, the swollen and slightly frozen oats dish should be well mixed with a spoon, and then spread out on deep serving plates and presented to your family as a tasty, satisfying and very healthy breakfast. For taste and aroma, such porridge can be poured a little with fresh flower honey or sprinkled with ground cinnamon.

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