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Dandruff in cats is a symptom of abnormalities in the body of an animal.

Today cats, perhaps the most popular and favorite pets, these fluffy lumps have become an integral part of our life. Wayward, graceful and characteristic, they make us admire them and communicate with them as equals. They are so developed intuition that cats are able to catch the slightest change in the mood of the owner. But we should not forget that cats, for all their independence, can also suffer from stress and stress, so it is always necessary to monitor their state of health and mood.

One of the most common first signs of a violation in the body of cats is dandruff. Dandruff in cats of light colors can be detected only by combing, while on cats with dark hair it is immediately visible. The reasons for its occurrence are many, and it signals that your pet has something wrong. Dandruff in cats can be caused by the presence of parasites on the skin, improper unbalanced diet or hormonal disorders, allergic reactions. It can also be a symptom of more serious diseases of the animal's organs, for example, the liver. Therefore, if you find dandruff in a cat or cat in large numbers, and at the same time exclude the presence of lice, ticks or other skin parasites, and also ensure that the animal takes a balanced diet, do not hesitate and consult a veterinarian.

Of course, the most common cause of dandruff is an improperly composed diet of the animal. Cat food contains a lot of different chemical additives and preservatives. Therefore, the transfer of cats to a balanced natural food with the addition of vitamin supplements helps to get rid of dandruff for several weeks. Cats are conservative in nature and do not always prefer boiled meat or fish to the usual food. Of course, do not make a cat or a cat starve, in this case, you must choose a food made from completely natural ingredients. And also include in the diet of vitamin A and fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6.

Dandruff in cats can arise from means for caring for the hair and frequent bathing of the animal. Use only proven cosmetics and remember that the cat is a clean animal capable of caring for itself, so it is recommended not to bathe it more often than once a month, and in no case should you dry the hair with a hairdryer.

Skin parasites very often cause dandruff in a cat or cat. These are, as a rule, fleas, wagons and lice. These parasites cause severe itching and lead to the animal biting into the coat with teeth, combing itself and becoming nervous and restless. To combat them you need to use medicines in the form of sprays or shampoos, and it is necessary to process the room where the animal lives. A thorough combing also helps, in which the skin is massaged simultaneously with the removal of parasites. As a preventive tool for a walking animal on the street, use an anti-dog collar, but remember that he should not bring discomfort to the pet.

Dandruff in cats can also cause ticks, which are also carriers of pathogens of various diseases. Therefore, if your animal walks along the street, it is necessary to examine it regularly, especially open areas of the skin near the ears or lips, as well as interdigital spaces. If a tick is found, do not pull it out, because the proboscis can remain in the skin, which will lead to suppuration. It is necessary to drip on it with liquid oil or cologne, the mite should fall away itself.

Dandruff in cats or cats can be caused by trivial living conditions, namely, dry and hot air. Installation of air conditioner and air humidifier will save the animal from dandruff and create it more comfortable
Conditions of existence in a closed space.

If dandruff in cats and cats does not disappear for a long time, despite the efforts being made, a blood test should be performed by a veterinarian and scrapings should be made for the presence of fungus. In time, the treatment will save the animal not only from uncomfortable sensations, but also from possible irreversible disorders in the body.

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