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Country cottage area. Decoration and styles

Recently, dacha plots are increasingly drawn up on their own. This is a fascinating process, allowing you to design the plot and country house in an individual style. Renewing and decorating the garden with your own hands, you can not only achieve an amazing result, but also save the mute money required to attract specialists.

The villa site design requires special. First, it is important to choose the right color. In this case, it should be borne in mind that all parcels are based on a set of shades of exclusively green and brown. Therefore, you need to make a few bright colors.

Variants of the design of the suburban area

First of all, you should consider the basic style of the garden and the availability of various elements. And only after that start the embodiment of the conceived into reality. Sometimes it is not possible to design a site in a single style, for example, to make a Japanese garden or to build a unique composition of stones. In this case, you can observe the traditional direction and include in it some elements of the style you love. The original design of the cottage area will complement the individual planning for the placement of flower beds, plants, making some changes to the layout.

Circular style

This direction is optimal for decorating areas that have a rectangular shape. In the round form, you can conclude any element of the garden - it can be a lawn, flowerbed, patio or lawn. In any rectangular summer cottage the design in this plan will fit perfectly. In this case, all straight and curved lines must necessarily be masked by flowering or climbing plants. For the development of rounded elements, two compasses should be used. With their help, you can combine circles in different ways. Do not be afraid to experiment with elements of landscape design, pay special attention to the intersection of circles with each other, while you can change their sizes and points of contact.

Diagonal style

This geometric style will help visually increase the size and free space. When planning a holiday plot, the design of which will be done using diagonal lines, you should first put a marking grid on the paper plan. All lines on it should be located strictly at an angle of 45 degrees to the walls of the house or relative to the fence of the site. All the details and design elements should be placed along the parallel grid lines.

Rectangular style

Perhaps the most common reception, which decorates every second dacha site - decoration in a rectangular style. It is quite universal. Rectangular layout is considered a classic option and is often used in cases where it is necessary to divide into a separate sector a long and narrow section.

Free and symmetrical styles

Particularly creative gardeners can use in design a free style that is completely devoid of symmetry. In such areas, flowers, green spaces and decorations are randomly arranged. But this does not mean complete confusion, free style suggests some kind of systematic, inaccessible to a casual glance. The opposite of the free direction will be the classical symmetrical style. It is suitable for all those who prefer clarity and straightforwardness.

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