How to grow grapes in Bashkortostan? Planting grapes in Bashkiria in the spring, care and pruning

Such a fruit and berry culture, like grapes, which even in the middle lane will not be grown by every gardener, has very well taken root, oddly enough, in Bashkiria. Despite the fact that this region is a zone of risky agriculture with a rather harsh climate and unfavorable soil conditions, many gardeners have achieved excellent results in growing this heat-loving crop in these parts. And grapes in Bashkiria are not a small, tasteless berry, but large and very sweet bunches. To achieve excellent harvests of this magnificent berries in the harsh climatic conditions of the republic, first of all it is necessary to choose a zoned variety that is derived in accordance with the weather conditions of this non-glossy edge and is adapted to the Bashkir climate.

Where can I buy a suitable variety in Bashkortostan?

They deduce such grapes in Bashkiria, which is adapted to grow both in conditions of severe climate, and on heavy soils, in the breeding center. It is located on the territory of the Research Institute of Agriculture, in the Kushnarenkovsky experimental garden.

In the event that a summer resident has a desire to become a vine-grower, it is only necessary to acquire seedlings there. This will ensure that the grown culture will not only meet all the requirements, but will also annually enjoy a magnificent harvest of excellent berries.

Seasoned varieties of Bashkir grapes

Among the varieties represented on the "grape farm", the most popular is Alexander. This table, an early enough variety, characterized by high frost resistance. The berries have a dark pink color and a pleasant taste. They are collected in clusters, by weight reaching 135 g. The disadvantage is the susceptibility to gray rot.

Similar characteristics have several more regionalized varieties. Among them we can distinguish such as Bashkir, Jubilee, Friendship, May-3. But such hybrids as Р-65, Р-81, hybrid №342 differ in the size of the cluster, which by weight reaches half a kilogram. These grape varieties for Bashkiria are very popular and every year they please the gardeners with an excellent harvest.

Why are the grapes planted in the spring in Bashkiria?

The best time for planting this capricious and unfavorable berry crop culture is spring, May. After all, if you carry out these works in autumn, as is done in many more southern regions, not completely rooted seedlings, having left in the winter, can easily freeze in severe northern conditions. Therefore, the best option is to plant grapes in Bashkiria in the spring.
It is carried out by two-year-old cuttings or seedlings at a time when the sap movement begins at the vine bushes. In Bashkiria this occurs in May, and just at this time the soil at a depth of 30 cm is heated to 10 ° C, which is optimal for seedlings of grapes.

General sequence of actions for planting grapes

Planting grapes in Bashkiria in spring is carried out in a certain sequence. Simpler it can be expressed as follows:

  • Checking the conformity of planting material;
  • Preparing seedlings of landing holes of the right size;
  • Preparing it for planting;
  • Immediate landing;
  • Care of seedlings.

What is the preparation of seedlings?

In order to check the planting material for suitability, a small cut on the seedlings (chibouke) should be made. Planting grapes in Bashkiria suggests using those chibouks that have:

  • The vine on the cut must have green wood.
  • The color of the bark did not change.
  • If you press a finger with your finger, it will fall off.
  • When the eye is cut along, there are rudimentary leaves in it.

If the vines on the cut are whitish or pale green, and there is no moisture, then this indicates that it is dead and not suitable for planting.

Selecting a location and preparing a landing pit

How to choose the right place for planting, so that growing grapes in Bashkiria would only bring joy to the gardener? There are certain rules for this:

  1. The place that is intended for the future vineyard, should be illuminated by the sun for most of the day.
  2. It is best to use the southern slope for planting.
  3. Nearby there should be no groundwater, as vineyards do not tolerate them.
  4. If several bushes are to be planted, it is best to arrange them in one row, at a distance of 2 meters from each other. Stretching them should be from north to south. Between the rows the distance should be at least one meter.

When gardeners are asked how to grow grapes in Bashkortostan, it is worth noting that it is very important to treat the landing pit very seriously. It should be the same as the fruit tree. This is very important in such soils as in Bashkortostan - poor sandy and heavy clayey soils.
The result of effort will be felt in a few years - at a time when the seedling will gain full strength and begin to bear fruit. The landing pit, which is designed to grow grapes in Bashkiria, should be very well fertilized. This will contribute to the fact that the bush will develop well deep roots, which are more frost-resistant. Accordingly, the growth force of the plant will increase.

How to properly fill the pit

When they set out to grow grapes in Bashkiria, in these severe climatic and soil conditions, special attention is paid to filling the planting pit with the planting of seedlings. From how correctly it is filled, depends both the yield of the bush, and the magnitude, as well as the taste of the berries.

To do everything according to the rules, the bottom of the prepared pit should be filled with compost in the amount of two or three buckets. If clayey soil predominates on the site, two buckets of rubble or sand are topped on top of which 400 g of ash and 200 g of superphosphate are scattered. Prepared in this way the layers are shoveled with the soil that is on the bottom of the pit.

After that everything is slightly condensed, and the filling procedure is repeated. Sand and gravel, added to the planting pits, contribute to improving the drainability and aeration of the soil. That part of the fertile land that has remained should be buried in the prepared pit without any fertilizers and humus. It will serve as a seedbed for the seedlings.

Proceeding from all the above, the answer to the question of gardeners "how to grow grapes in Bashkiria" can be given an unambiguous answer. To achieve excellent results can only be due to the correct preparation of the soil and the choice of a suitable place for planting. We must not forget about the appropriate care for seedlings. After all, without it, this heat-loving plant in the harsh climatic conditions of the republic, which is a zone of risky gardening, will be very difficult to grow and begin to bear fruit.

What kind of care is needed for vineyards in Bashkortostan?

When growing crops such as grapes, in Bashkiria care, pruning, spring-summer feeding and vine shelter from too low winter temperatures are mandatory for the gardener. It is worth remembering that when growing grapes in Bashkiria, the main task is to grow two powerful vegetative shoots on the seedling, which will become the basis of the future fruit and berry bushes.

Only thanks to the correct and conscientious conduct of all these procedures can you achieve a magnificent harvest, which will be no worse than in the southern regions. No wonder they say that the grapes in Bashkiria grows fine, if only there was a good appropriate care.

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