Cosmetic decorative - this is what and how to apply? What is included in modern sets of decorative cosmetics?

Modern girls use two types of cosmetics: one is intended for skin and hair care, the second - in order to emphasize the beauty and expressiveness of the eyes, lips, make the face more attractive and hide the defects of appearance. It is often possible to find the term "decorative cosmetics". What it is? And why is it needed?

Cosmetics decorative is ...

This is nothing more than mascara, pencil, powder, in short, all that women need for daily makeup, face decoration. There are a lot of manufacturers of decorative cosmetics, and in the range of each of them, as a rule, you can find a complete set of tools to create an attractive image.

Some girls remember how in childhood, moms and grandmothers said that the sooner you start using cosmetics, the sooner you will grow old. In the 80-90s, perhaps, it was, but today many brands withstand modern production technologies and use high-quality raw material. Of course, these are not cheap cosmetics of the type known to all known Ruby Rose, as well as non-eminent brands whose products are distributed in underground passages at a price 1.5-2 times cheaper.

True quality cosmetics of popular brands is not something that is harmless - it is able to protect against the more negative influence of the environment. So, powder and foundation can create a protective film on the skin, and mascara will strengthen the eyelashes. It's only a matter of which manufacturer to choose.

It is also worth noting that there is a decorative cosmetics decorative. These are tonal remedies for problem skin and lipstick for better moisturizing and preventing the development of allergies.

What is included in the modern set of makeup?

In the handbag of a modern girl, what can not you find, and it's not for nothing that "evil" jokes go about this. Usually, many women are limited to using powder, carcass, eyeliner and pencil or a marker for eyebrows. A complete list of makeup includes much more. On the existence of some, many ladies do not know. So, decorative cosmetics is:

  • mascara;
  • eye shadow;
  • powder;
  • eyeliner;
  • Foundation;
  • Corrector for the face;
  • eyebrow pencil;
  • lip gloss;
  • Felt-tip pen / eyeliner;
  • Lipstick for lips;
  • Eyeliner;
  • Rouge;
  • A felt pen for the eyes;
  • Bronzer;
  • makeup base;
  • Eyebrow shadows ;
  • Hailer;
  • Mascara for eyebrows;
  • Gel for fixing eyebrows and eyelashes;
  • lip pencil;
  • Shimmer.

But this is not the whole list, but what ladies usually use in everyday life. The rest of the means of decorative cosmetics are most often used in their work by professional makeup artists who need to make an ideal person (in all understandings of this phrase) models, public people and ordinary girls on the eve of an important day.

How to use the funds?

Let's say that if everything is clear with pencils, then the role of the shimmer or hailer may remain a mystery. To understand how all these tools work, it's easiest to get acquainted with the step-by-step instruction for applying makeup. To do this, you need the actual decorative cosmetics (this is all that is in the cosmetic bag) and at least a few brushes.

  1. Cleansing the skin and applying moisturizing day cream.
  2. Makeup base. This is not a foundation lot, as many dare to assume. Although their goal is one, the result will be different. This product is necessary to hide skin defects in the form of acne, pigments and irregularities, it smooths the tone of the face and visually aligns it. The base must match the natural color. Apply on massage points of the person, not reaching the hair growth line.
  3. Tonal base - is needed to fix the makeup.
  4. Bronzer. It is not necessary to use it, only if you want to emphasize the shape of a person or completely change it. Instead, you can take the powder darker than the natural tone. It is usually applied on cheekbones, nose wings and forehead.
  5. Heiliter. Called to lighten the skin. It is distributed under the eyebrows to emphasize their shape, on the nose and nasolabial triangle. Excellent hiding bruises under the eyes.
  6. Loose powder. It is necessary to apply it with light movements of the brush, which "look like".
  7. Eyebrows. To fix, you can apply a gel-fixer. The choice of several means for coloring: shadows, pencil, felt-tip pen and ink. Each of them is worthy of attention, you need to choose on your own - what you like more. It is only necessary to note that the felt-tip pen and ink allow to achieve a more precise shape, while the pencil and the shadow look more natural.
  8. Eyes. For staining, take a felt-tip pen and liquid eyeliner for the hands, shadows, pencil for the inner zone of the lower eyelid and mascara. You can also apply a fixing gel on the eyelashes.
  9. Lips. It is necessary to erase a little the natural boundaries of the lips, applying a foundation. Then with a pencil draw a shape, make up lipstick or shine, powder and make another layer.
  10. The last step is blush. Distribute at the highest point of the cheekbone.

What brands of decorative cosmetics are the most popular?

This type of product is in great demand in the market, so it is not surprising that manufacturers have a huge amount. First of all, you need to determine the price - what cost will be affordable. Qualitative decorative cosmetics is not necessarily the one for which you have to lay out a few thousand rubles. It's all about the brand: whether it's advertised or not, and how many years there are on the market.

A remarkable representative of budget decorative cosmetics is the German brand Catrice Cosmetics. Surely many people did not even hear about it. Meanwhile, this brand offers an ideal price-quality ratio. The range has everything you need: funds for the lips, eyes, face and nails. This decorative cosmetics reviews have collected positive, so it's not scary to try it. By the way, Catrice Cosmetics belongs to Cosnova GmbH.

ArtDeco is also popular, but its cost will be slightly higher than the previous brand. And those who want to purchase professional funds, but can not allocate too much for them, it is worth paying attention to the South Korean brand VOV. It offers everything that a modern girl needs, a popular American brand NYX, and connoisseurs of Belarusian production should pay attention to Relouis. And now small reviews of the most popular brands.


Operating since 1962, this Greek manufacturer is very popular, and not for nothing. From the very beginning the assortment of the company was replenished with exclusively high-quality goods, thanks to which it quickly took a leading position among similar companies and did not hand them over to the present day. Decorative cosmetics "Seventhin" reviews are almost only positive, and only a few products fell out of favor with the ladies. For example, the lipstick Rockin 347 has an unpleasant taste and smell, and the Longstay 34 eyeliner spreads quickly.

Shadows, tonal remedies, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, eye and eyebrow pencils - all this includes Seventhin cosmetics. Powder reviews also have good and can be used to apply to the neck and décolleté zone. Prices: 250-1150 rubles.


Professional cosmetics of the highest class, which not only satisfies the purpose of make-up artists, but also suitable for daily make-up - is easy to use and can be used regardless of the age of the fair sex. Decorative cosmetics MAC in its assortment contains absolutely everything that ladies need: eye care (eyeliner and gel, pencil, shadow, ink), for lips (shine, lipstick, pencil) and for the face (powder, concealer, blush, tonal cream). In addition, there are all the necessary tools for applying makeup.

Prices average from 1300 to 5650 rubles. But many girls believe that quality can not be cheap. So, decorative cosmetics MAC reviews at one time collected only good, but everything once comes to an end. Disappointed some girls lipstick Lipstick and Mascara Opulash Optimum Black.


Few people know that this brand has absorbed as many as 25 cosmetic brands. This is both a luxury facility and a mass market, that is, an economy, so that L'Oréal can be called a real empire. It includes Garnier, Maybelline and Vichy.

Speaking specifically about L'Oréal Paris, it is relatively inexpensive decorative cosmetics - an average of 500-800 rubles. But the quality of it is no worse than the more expensive brands. Practically all the means left warm feelings in the girls' soul, as they are pleasant and convenient to use. It is also worth noting that in the manufacturer's range you can find everything you need to apply makeup: mascara, wax and slate pencils, eyeliner and markers, lipsticks and glitter, blushers and powders, tonal creams and fluids.

Max Factor

Being one of the oldest cosmetic brands in the world, Max Factor is 41 years older than the popular Clinique brand. In Russia, the means for make-up from this manufacturer appeared even at the time of perestroika and very quickly became beloved and popular.

Few people know that Max Factor - an American businessman of Jewish origin, comes from the Russian Empire. Here is an interesting note. A young man born in 1877, already at the age of 20, sold cosmetics of his own production in a Moscow store, and after moving to the US he became a make-up artist, a stylist and a make-up artist. And it was he who became the father of decorative cosmetics.

Today, this brand is even more popular than in the times of perestroika. The brand is famous for its perfect price-quality ratio and a huge selection of products. Max Factor is an inexhaustible palette of colors, convenience in use, topical seasonal novelties, quick effect and the ability to not only make yourself more beautiful, but also to carry out additional care.

The assortment of cosmetics is also quite large, and the prices please - 150-1550 rubles.


Another decorative cosmetics, reviews about which are good, - PUPA. The Italian manufacturer offers a variety of different means to their fans.

The prices are different: from 130 to 1330 rubles. It is worth noting that the most popular baked products are shadows and powder. They look more natural and smooth the skin, making it more attractive.


It is considered a luxury brand, but also the price for the funds corresponding to - an average of 1000-3000 rubles. The range has everything to create the perfect image: cosmetics for the eyes, lips and face in a variety of forms. It is also important that these remedies are not harmful, on the contrary, they are intended to literally protect natural beauty. But the reviews are rather contradictory. Some believe that the best means of "Lancom" are those that are produced for skin care, while decorative cosmetics can not be created from them. Other girls, on the contrary, are completely delighted with the products for make-up.

Estee Lauder

Honoredly takes its place in the ranking of "Best Decorative Cosmetics" American brand, once a very modest one, and today has become a huge corporation. The means of this brand will not be affordable for every woman, because their cost varies on average about 3-5 thousand rubles. But "Estee Lauder" is a high quality and an opportunity of choice among a huge assortment of the company.

Decorative cosmetics of this brand offers modern beauties to use funds for the eyes, lips, eyebrows and face. These are foundation creams, powders, blush, carcasses, eye shadows and lipsticks that help create a unique image, preserving naturalness and individuality. Like the products of other manufacturers, in some cases Estee Lauder is an ideal make-up, and some of the money is disappointing.

Decorative cosmetics for girls in a suitcase - everything for little princesses

A woman from birth seems to understand that she is the most beautiful thing on earth. Little beauties tend to look like their mothers, they also want to paint their nails, sponges, make the cheeks even ruddy and use eye shadow. In the Russian market, decorative cosmetics for babies up to 5 years old and girls 8-12 years old have appeared for a long time. We will give a short overview of the most popular manufacturers: what is included in the kit and how harmless are such tools?

"A princess"

The magic suitcase of the princess is intended for children over 5 years old. It includes cosmetics made without the addition of chemical dyes and is hypoallergenic. In a set of pawls with shadows, rouge and lip gloss, as well as lipsticks and nail polish. Recently, ringlets and clips have appeared in the suitcase. From such a gift, any little fashionista will be delighted.

The mothers of the girls are no less delighted with the set and confirm the safety of the products. The cost of the suitcase is about 1700 rubles.

"The Desire of a Princess"

This children's high-quality decorative cosmetics is manufactured by Markwins International in the development and formulation of specialists in the field of cosmetology and health. The cost of the kit is approximately 2600 rubles, but it includes a fairly large amount of cosmetics: body and lip gloss, nail polish, lipsticks, eye shadows and eyeliner, various instruments, elastic bands, hairpins and a mirror. Thus, a little lady will be able to emphasize her youthful beauty.

Briefly about the main

Make-up is a very interesting and fascinating activity, which every girl should know, in order to create unique day and evening images. Remembering all the steps is easy, the main thing is to use quality decorative cosmetics for the face, which will not only not spoil the appearance, but will protect the skin from the negative impact of the environment, which every woman encounters in everyday life!

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