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Cooking. How much to cook chicken liver. The recipe for a dish from chicken liver.

Each hostess pays time for cooking tasty and healthy food that could please loved ones. The realities of today's life are such that you have to work and find time to prepare dinner. As a tasty and nutritious dish, cooked chicken liver is quite suitable . How much to cook chicken liver? Recipe and serving will be described in the relevant sections. Now I would like to pay attention to her dietary qualities.

It is known that this product as a whole has a beneficial effect on a person. That's why world cooking prefers to share recipes for cooking various dishes from chicken liver . The product is replete with vitamins A and B12, retinol, and folic acid. All these substances strengthen vision and nourish the skin. In addition, they are involved in the processes of blood formation. Important liver of chicken and for parturient women.

But the chicken liver can upset dieticians with the availability of calories and cholesterol. Therefore, from a dietary point of view, the questions: "How? To cook a chicken liver? "," And how much is it calories? "Are quite important. Dishes from the liver of the chicken are delicious and nutritious. But all the same it should be pointed, when it comes to the frying of chicken liver. Because in the process of frying the dish will inevitably absorb a certain amount of fat.

Choosing a good chicken liver

That the prepared dish could please us, the raw liver should be bought fresh. As a rule, the market option gives an opportunity to choose. If the frozen product is not available, the following criteria should be followed.

  1. Appearance of the liver. It should look completely brown (not orange and not dim).
  2. Product form. The surface of the liver should be clean and smooth without any blemishes.
  3. Canned blood clots or fatty inclusions are inadmissible.

Ideally, fresh liver, which may not have been frozen, never gives bitterness.

How much to cook chicken liver? Simple and delicious recipe

So we got to the actual preparation of the dish according to the recipe. Consider how to put out the liver from chicken with vegetables. For extinguishing, it is better to use a Teflon pan or medium sized cast iron pan. Take the following components:

  1. A pound of fresh chicken liver.
  2. One carrot, one onion, several tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper, five medium potatoes, 0.3 kg of green beans.
  3. Seasonings: ground black pepper, parsley.
  4. Sunflower oil.

Next, let's talk about the method of cooking dishes from these ingredients, as well as how much to cook the chicken liver.

First of all, the liver itself should be washed under running water. Sometimes there are fatty inclusions or bile. In this case, the remains must be carefully cleaned with a sharp knife. Other components of the future food simply cleaned of dirt and thoroughly washed.

Then the liver is shredded in small pieces and put on a heated frying pan. All this is mixed with finely chopped onions and fry for a few minutes. Now the liver can be extinguished with the rest of the dish, which is preliminarily finely chopped. The whole mass should be well mixed and poured a glass of water. Salt and pepper add to taste.

It remains to find out the most important thing - how much to cook chicken liver and other components by prescription. It should be said that the liver of the chicken is cooked very quickly, along with the potatoes. Thus, for preparing the dish 15-20 minutes will be quite enough.


If desired, the dish can be decorated with greens, such as chopped parsley or dill.

Use in Cooking

Chicken liver is a culinary delicacy, which also saves time when cooking food. Many recipes indicate how much to cook chicken liver. From the cooked liver you can make a lot of nutritious dishes. The main thing is to evaluate the taste qualities of this product.

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