Classification of management methods - the guarantee of a healthy atmosphere in the team

In order for the team to work well, you need to manage it correctly. And the control system is already based on special methods. Under the methods of management understand the ways of influencing the collective for the normal coordination of it in the process of work. Operatively and amicably working collective quickly reaches the organization's goal, which leads to an increase in the company's profit.

To date, there is the following classification of management methods:

1. Organizational and administrative, or administrative. This method is based on maintaining discipline, coercion, power and responsibility. The organization's activities are based on the work of its employees and the unquestioning fulfillment of all orders of the authorities. Organizational and administrative methods are based on direct impact on the managed object. This is achieved by issuing orders, decrees, orders and instructions in oral or written form. All of them are aimed at maintaining discipline within the collective. To stabilize the work of staff, clarity is needed, which is achieved by administrative methods. The activity of each employee is regulated by job description. And the work of the whole team is labor legislation.

Since administrative methods include organizational and administrative, there are two types of impact. Classification of management methods provides for organizational impact, which is implemented through a system of internal documents: the organization's charter, staffing table, regulations on the department, internal regulations, collective agreements, job descriptions and others. To the administrative influence just include orders, orders and instructions. This method of influence is aimed at achieving the set goals.

2. Economic methods. Classification of methods of personnel management includes economic planning and incentives, as well as lending. With the help of these methods the progressive development of the enterprise is achieved.

3. Socio-psychological methods. The classification of quality management methods takes into account that people are participants in this method. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the psychological characteristics of performers. The main methods include: motivation by personal example, suggestion, persuasion, encouragement, ensuring a favorable climate in the team, regulation of relations in the team. The task of the manager is to create an atmosphere in the team that will favorably influence the disclosure of all the positive qualities that can be useful for production and, in the end, will lead to an increase in the efficiency of the enterprise. Classification of management methods provides that the basis of socio-psychological methods are the laws of these two spheres. Psychology studies the behavior of a person, changing his actions and ways to identify conditions that affect the individual. Sociology expands the scope of the concept of the individual, uniting several people into a single collective.

Classification of management methods is effective only if all three methods operate at the enterprise. This approach makes it possible to assess the situation from three sides and prevent miscalculations that will lead to a deterioration in the work of the enterprise.

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