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Chicken in Kiev style: classic recipe and cooking technology

One of the most delicious dishes made from chicken fillet is certainly a cutlet in Kiev. It's crispy, fragrant and deliciously tasty. Along with the "Kiev" cake, it is a visiting card of the Ukrainian capital. Who was the first cooked cutlet in Kiev? A classic recipe came to Russia during the reign of Catherine II. It was then that many Russian cooks were sent to France to study culinary arts. So, the recipe of the French "Cotlet de Voliai" according to the recipe of Nicolas Apppert got to Russia. Initially, these cutlets were prepared only for royalty, but in 1912 they also began to be served in the Merchant Club called "Novomikhailovsky." In Kiev, they came only after the revolution, but widely received in 1947. Then they received today's name - "Cutlet in Kiev". The classic recipe assumed the use of breast only freshly cut chicken, but today the recipe for this dish has undergone many changes. If earlier cutlets were stuffed only with butter and herbs, then in modern cutlets use cheese, mushrooms, a lot of spices, etc., as fillings.

Cutlets in Kiev, a classic recipe (for 4 servings)

- Breasts of two chickens (with humeral bones);

- Butter - 80 grams;

- eggs - 3 pieces;

- a sweet loaf of bread - 1 item;

- breading - 3-4 tablespoons;

- spices: black pepper, salt;

- parsley and dill - 2 branches;

- vegetable oil for frying.

What is this cooking technology?

"Cutlets in Kiev": step by step instruction

1. Divide each breast into 2 halves, beat off, pepper and salt.

2. Lightly soften the butter, beat with finely chopped herbs, form 4 bumps. Put them on a plate covered with food and put it in the freezer.

3. After the oil has hardened, put it on the chopped fillets, roll up the rolls and put them in the freezer.

4. In a bowl, beat the eggs. Dip the chicken rolls in the egg, and then in the crumb, again dipped in the egg, and then in breading, lightly press your hands, shaping the chicken legs.

5. Cutlets fry in vegetable oil for 12 minutes. That's ready cutlet in Kiev. The classic recipe is slightly different from the modern one. And it's even hard to say whether this dish spoils or not. Some remain true to the old recipe, but many like cutlets with cheese-mushroom filling. They are more nourishing and aromatic.

Cutlet in Kiev. Classic recipe with some modifications

Products for 4 cutlets:

- chicken breasts - 2 pcs .;

- cheese "Viola" or "Hochland" - 1 pack;

- Butter - 50 g;

- canned mushrooms (whole) - 5-6 pieces;

- Spices for mushrooms: salt, black pepper;

- bread crumb and bread crumbs;

- eggs - 3 pcs.


The fillet is processed in the same way as in the previous recipe. Here the emphasis should be put on the manufacture of the filling. To do this, in a small cup you need to whip the cheese and slightly softened butter. Add the mushrooms cut into cubes, season with spices and from this mass form cones the size of the little finger. Put them in the freezer. Then do everything as suggested in the classic recipe. As a result, on the table you will have a big crispy cutlet with a fragrant and insanely delicious filling.

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