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Chat Without Registration, Unique Chat Written On Php

I want to share the experience of creating a modern chat on php. What is unique about this chat room .. It is written without MySQL on php by a beginner programmer, there are no source codes in the public domain. A unique chat without registration, and no templates. It is tightly integrated with ajax, but of course now you will not surprise ajax with a chat, but ...

Chat without registration, so just enter a nickname and come up with a password, written in 2011 by a beginner programmer. Of course I want to share my joy, tell everyone about my creation ... and quite successful in my opinion. Chat can compete with any untwisted chat in runet, works quickly despite the file storage system (compact and not demanding) and can theoretically withstand hundreds of users online. It is supported by all more or less popular browsers. The chat uses a system of geotargeting, ie each user shows a flag of the country where he came from, agree cool, you can immediately see who is chatting in your countryman and not ask "Where are you from?". Although some do not like it when it flashes their country of residence, now and probably always was the theme of anonymous surfing the Internet. For music lovers at the top in the chat cap is installed a compact radio, about a hundred radio stations for every taste. When new messages appear, the sound that sounds like VK sounds, by the way, the notification of a private message pops up in the form of a darkened translucent window at the bottom of the page, again very similar to those used on VC, looks very cool;). Privat is implemented in a common window but in another tab, together with the private chat, there are two tabs "Chat", "Private", private tab if open but not active blinks when a private message comes. The chat interface is very convenient. Smilies are located on two pages, and a window with emoticons is conveniently opened at the bottom of the chat. Each user has his own profile, where you can upload an avatar and background image of the profile, this is not for anyone. In the chat there is its own universal currency, which you can pay for donating gifts. For highly sophisticated users, a chat without registration can please over 20 different fonts for writing messages, plus fonts are displayed in almost all browsers and whether it is independently installed on the computer or not, the @ font-face property is used, no one has it.
The highlight of this chat without registration can be called the ability to set a background picture as a screensaver in a chat, you just need to specify the url address of the image. If there are chats with a choice of background, then I personally did not see those where it would be allowed to point out the favorite picture;)
In the chat there is a mobile version for working through mobile devices, unfortunately not all gadgets support it. The project is young enough but very promising. It is planned to expand the functionality of the chat, in the future, depending on the popularity it is planned to turn it into a full-fledged chat-social network with its communities, walls, photos and other useful things.

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