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Carlo Ancelotti - biography and career of one of the best trainers in the world

Carlo Ancelotti is not only a well-known coach, but also a talented midfielder, who was once a very famous fielder. As a midfielder, he gained popularity, speaking for such Italian clubs as "Milan" and "Roma". With them, he won four Italian Cups, three scudetto, as well as two Champions Cups. And for the national team of his country played 26 matches.

Italian career

Carlo Ancelotti is a true Italian, and he built his career (both play and coaching) in his homeland. True, since 2009, he stopped training Italian footballers and began to try himself in other places, but about this - a little later.

Carlo Ancelotti is the coach who headed such clubs as Reggiana, Parma, Juventus and, of course, his native Milan. With "Rossoneri" he spent eight years - there is not even worth commenting on how much his sorrow grieved the fans and players.

Excellent results showed the coach in all the clubs where he worked. For example, with "Juventus" Carlo Ancelotti won the Intertoto Cup, and it happened in the same season, when he only came to the team. But his brightest achievements are due precisely to "Milan".

Career in "Milan"

Even in the debut season for himself, Ancelotti managed to bring AC Milan to the bronze place in the Italian league, and he also made sure that they reached the semi-final of the UEFA Cup. The Italian firmly took on his new team and began with them a productive work, the fruits of which already appeared at the end of the first season. It was Ancelotti who invited Andrea Pirlo into the squad , and through him later began to build the entire attacking game. The results were on the face. What is only the 2003 season! Then the team won the Italian Cup and the Champions League. And the trophy in the last tournament, they were torn from the hands of their sworn opponents - "Juventus", bypassing the Turinians on penalties 3: 2.

The following years, 2003/04, Carlo Ancelotti leads the team to Scudetto. In 2005, one of the most tragic matches of the Champions League took place - at that time, the Rossoneri were in the final with Liverpool 3-0, but in the second half something seemed to happen, and as a result AC Milan lost to the England after a draw in 3 : 3 on the penalty shootout. But the team and the coach did not give up, so the next season they played at the same "Liverpool" (so decreed fate), winning the Champions League with a score of 2: 1.

Last years

The coach left Italy in 2009: first went to Chelsea, with whom he won the FA Cup and the Premier League, then - to the French PSG, where he drove the Paris team to victory in the national championship. And then, in 2013, he became known as the head coach of "Real". Carlo Ancelotti for 2 years with the team has achieved considerable. In the first season, the "Royal" club won the Spanish Cup and the Champions League (for the first time in 12 years). This makes Carlo Ancelotti the second coach in the whole history, who got three times to win the most prestigious club tournament. In 2015, the Italian left the club, as in the season 2014/15 his Spanish team did not win anything. But it is hardly possible to trace the fault of the coach.

At the moment, Ancelotti does not work in any club. However, they are interested in a huge number of representative offices, which is not surprising, knowing how high-skilled it is.

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