Braiding eggs with beads - hard work, beautiful result!

Very often the technique of braiding is used not only to decorate beads and pebbles, but also large objects. On the eve of Easter, the braiding of eggs with beads is especially popular, making it possible to make unique and original Easter gifts.

If you do not have a wooden billet for an egg - do not despair. You can use a candle in the shape of an egg. If it is not, the basis for braiding can be made independently.

Why start the weaving of our "clothes" for eggs from beads? First, wash the raw egg and put it for 5-6 hours in salt water to strengthen the shell. With a thick needle, pierce small holes from both ends of the egg. Puncture the egg and blow its contents through the holes made. Inside, pour a little water (you can use a syringe) and blow it too. Dry the shells. This workpiece has a beautiful and even surface. True, there is one "but" here. The basis for braiding eggs is very fragile, and with careless handling it can be crushed. To prevent this, it is worth covering the surface of the shell with pieces of paper (paper napkins, newspapers, wrapping paper).

  1. Cut out squares of 2 x 2 cm from paper and put them in water for half an hour.
  2. Then the paper should be taken out and placed on a cloth folded several times (to better absorb water). Pieces of paper should be wet, not wet.
  3. Dilute PVA glue in half with water. Glue 4-6 layers, placing the paper diagonally. Such blanks are better to bead completely. Paper base should be painted with waterproof paint, if part of the workpiece is open.

The easiest way to decorate

You can practice decorating eggs in a simple way. If you cover the workpiece with paint and do not let it dry, then top with beads, then you will get an interesting Easter egg.

Braiding eggs with beads by sector

The braiding of eggs with beads is a very difficult job. It should be noted that in shape and size all eggs are different: some are round and large, others are elongated and small. That is why you must take into account the fact that the braiding of eggs with beads is individual. To make a beautiful and smooth egg, prepare several blanks of different sizes. Bead middle bead. If it does not fit, then the other will be just right - and your work will not be wasted. And the remaining blanks can be used next time. There are many methods of making Easter eggs. One of them is the braiding of eggs by beads by sectors.

1. Make 6 beaded chains (other beads are made of them). Their length should be equal to the height of the egg. When you make the necessary number of flowers in each chain, fasten the line and string 6 chains on top of the egg, passing it through the two upper beads of the flowers of each chain. Next, you must tie the ends of the line to the ring. In the same way, you need to close the very bottom flowers of the chains in the ring. Since the upper part of the egg is already lower, you can add one bead underneath, between pairs of beaded chains.

2. Put the "connected" chains on a preformed form. Then fasten the fishing line and stretch the needle through the middle of the flower and one bead. Then string on the line 4 beads and skip its end through 2 flower beads on the other chain. Next, we need to re-thread 4 beads on a fishing line and pass the needle through two beads of the next chain. So continue to cut through all the top flowers of chains through the bottom beads, adding 4 beads between them.

3. Draw a fishing line through the middle of the 2nd flower of the first chain to the next row. Separately weave 6 more chains that consist of 5 flowers. Weave another 8 beads between the flowers of neighboring chains. Attach a chain of five to two beads. After attaching 6 chains (each consists of 5 flowers), weave the remaining "belts": from below - symmetrical upper and in the middle of the egg. The number of beads in the weave "belts" depends on the size of the egg.

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