Bob the square with long side strands - the peak of fashion

Haircuts are again at the top of fashion. But now with some new trends. If earlier hairstyles of this type were performed exclusively on short and medium length hair, now everything is different. Do you have beautiful long hair? You do not need to sacrifice them. Bob-kara with elongated side strands is an ideal fashionable hairstyle. It is impossible not to remember its advantages. After all, a haircut for any type of face is suitable, and the type of hair can be ignored. And on thick, and thin strands equally beautiful will look. With a single exception: curly hair. They always had a special approach to them.

Many women who decide to bob hair, prefer a romantic soft image, which successfully hides the broad cheekbones of the face and advantageously emphasizes the outline. If you chose a Bob-kara with long side strands, consider that you have acquired a modern look in a classic style.

Choose a bang

It is advisable to choose suitable options before decisively going to the hairdresser. Hairstyle bob, photo of which still needs to be previewed, is done without bangs. Then the square provides for its availability. Modern fashion dictates its conditions and slightly increases the range of choice. Today Bob-kara no longer has clear limitations and rules, being a universal hairdo. Therefore, bangs can be chosen according to your taste and desire: straight, angled, elongated, asymmetric.

Simplicity of stacking

Bob-kara with elongated side strands fits easily enough if there are elementary skills. The main thing, it must be reliably fixed with the help of various cosmetics. You can use foam, gel, hairspray. The styling agents are applied to strands. With the help of ironing, the desired shape is given. To give extra volume and at the roots to raise the hair, you can use a hairdryer.

Advantages of a haircut with a long side strand

This is a very feminine and stylish hairstyle, showing the refinement and charm of hair. Its universality pleases. A hairstyle for a woman's queen will suit both a young girl and a business lady. Having a huge number of variations, Bob-kara looks great on any hair.

Many hairstyles require extraordinary skill or at least skills of care and styling. Bob-kara keeps shape for a long time, so you can talk about the practicality of haircuts.

Haircut in general looks much more natural than others. A relaxed look provides her popularity with many women.

Girls with curly hair also sometimes want to make variety in their image. In this case, the square can be aligned and already have a new look on your hair. Coloring, coloring and highlighting of hair effectively emphasize the elongated side strands, which look fresh and original.

Bob-kare is a fashionable and stylish hairstyle for the fair half of humanity, who not only follow trends in fashion, but also perfectly understand it.

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