"Betoptik" - eye drops: instructions for use, analogues, reviews

At what indications do patients use the preparation "Betoptik"? Instructions for use, price, reviews and the purpose of this medication will be discussed below.

Composition, description of the preparation, form

"Betoptik" - eye drops, instructions for use are in a cardboard box, representing a 0.5% clear and colorless solution (may have a slightly yellowish tinge). Its main component is betaxolol hydrochloride.

Also, the composition of the local preparation includes such auxiliary ingredients as benzalkonium chloride, purified water, sodium hydroxide solution or hydrochloric acid.

In the sale of eye drops "Betoptik" come in vials-droppers made of plastic.

Principle of action of eye medication

What is a local preparation like Betoptik (eye drops)? The instruction for use asserts that this antiglaucoma agent, as well as a selective beta 1-adrenoblocker, which does not show internal sympathomimetic activity.

This drug does not have a membrane-stabilizing effect (that is, a local anesthetic effect), but after instillation it reduces intraocular pressure. This therapeutic effect is associated with a slowdown in the production of fluid inside the eye.

According to the instructions, the hypotensive effect of this drug is noted after half an hour after its instillation, and the greatest therapeutic effect develops in 120 minutes.

With a single instillation of eye drops, their effect on the ophthalmotonus persists for 12 hours.

In comparison with other beta-blockers, the preparation "Betoptik" is not able to cause a decrease in the blood flow in the optic nerves.

It should also be noted that the use of this tool does not lead to the emergence of miosis, hemeralopia, spasm of accommodation and the effect of "swaddling".

Kinetics of a local eye preparation

Is the drug "Betoptik" (eye drops) absorbed? Instruction for use informs that after instillation of this remedy its systemic absorption is possible, but in insignificant quantities.

Indications for the use of drops

What is the purpose of such an ophthalmic preparation, as "Betoptik" (eye drops)? Instructions for use say that this tool is actively used to reduce pressure (intraocular). It can be prescribed both in monotherapy and in combination with other medicines in the following cases:

  • Hypertension of the eye;
  • Glaucoma is open-angle.

It should also be noted that the drug in question can be used to treat these diseases in people with problems in the respiratory system.

Prohibitions and acute use of medicament

Eye drops "Betoptik", analogues of which are indicated at the end of the article, can not be used only with increased sensitivity to their main and additional components.

With caution, this medicine is recommended for instillation with heart failure (severe), sinus bradycardia, cardiogenic shock, second and third degree of AV blockade, diabetes mellitus and myasthenia gravis.

Ophthalmic agent "Betoptik": instructions for use

The price, reviews about this medication will be presented further.

The drug should be used only on indications. It is buried in a bag conjunctival in the amount of 1-2 drops twice a day.

In some people, the stabilization of pressure (intraocular) occurs after several weeks. In this regard, experts recommend that it be monitored during the first month of treatment.

With ineffective monotherapy, additional treatment may be prescribed to the patient.

Actions of a negative nature after application of the remedy

Ophthalmic agent "Betoptik", the composition of which was presented above, can cause side effects. The most frequently manifested specialists include the following:

  • Reduced sensitivity of the cornea, short-term discomfort in the eyes immediately after instillation of the drug, anisocoria, pruritus, photophobia, dry eyes and lacrimation.
  • Photophobia, neurosis depressive, red eyes, insomnia, acne keratitis.

Cases of overdose with eye drops

To date, no apparent negative symptoms have been observed in patients with an overdose of the agent in question. However, if a large amount of ophthalmic preparation gets into the eyes, it is recommended to rinse them thoroughly with warm water.

Interaction of drops for eyes with other agents

Is it possible to use the drug "Betoptik" (eye drops) with other medicines? The instruction (the price of this local remedy is very high) says that when it is used simultaneously with oral beta-blockers, the risk of systemic and local adverse reactions increases significantly. This is due to the additive effect. In this regard, patients receiving such a combination of medicines must necessarily be under the supervision of a doctor.

In the process of using "Betoptika" in combination with medications that deplete the stores of catecholamines, the patient may have a bradycardia and a decrease in blood pressure.

Special information about the ophthalmic tool

What features of "Betoptik" should be known to patients using it?

With caution, this medication should be used for people with diabetes, since its main substance can mask symptoms of acute hypoglycemia.

Also, with caution, this drug is prescribed for patients with thyrotoxicosis. This is due to the fact that beta-adrenoblockers can hide the signs of thyrotoxicosis and tachycardia.

When using this drug, it must be taken into account that it can cause signs similar to those in myasthenia gravis.

Despite the absence of any effect of betaxolol on the work of external respiration, patients should not rule out the possible development of hypersensitivity to this medication.

Before surgery (surgical), beta-blockers should be canceled gradually, two days before the general anesthesia.

When the drug is instilled in the eye, its active substance can be absorbed into the systemic bloodstream. In this case, the patient often has the same adverse reactions as in systemic administration.

Ophthalmic agent "Betoptik" is able to have minimal impact on heart rate and blood pressure. However, it should be used with caution in heart failure and AV blockade.

Treatment with this drug should be stopped when the first signs of decompensation from the CCC appear.

Particular care should be taken when using the eye and psychotropic medications adrenergic drugs together.

The preparation in question contains preservatives that can adversely affect soft contact lenses. Therefore, people with poor eyesight should be removed before burying the solution and installed back after 22 minutes after installation.

If, after the use of drops in patients, the clearness of vision is reduced, then it is not recommended to engage in any activity and drive before it is completely restored.

Analogues, price

What can replace such an ophthalmic tool as Betoptik? Analogues of this drug are the following: Timadren, Betoptic C, Betofan, Xonef BK, Xonef, Optibetol, Betaxolol, Oftan Timolol, Okumed, Niolol, DuoTrav "," Okumol "," Timolol "," Anaprilin "," Azarga "," Kombigan "," Ganfort "," Duoprost "," Xalacom "," Okuquer "," Timohexal ".

As for the price of the medication in question, it is quite high and amounts to approximately 390 rubles per one dropper.

Reviews about an ophthalmic tool

Now you know what the preparation "Betoptik" (eye drops) is used for. The instruction, price and analogues of this medication were also presented above.

Consumer feedback on this tool is more positive. Patients claim that Betoptik is an effective antiglaucoma agent. However, it can only be used according to the indications and prescription of the ophthalmologist, especially if the patient is using other medications.

The disadvantages of this medicine for the eyes include its high cost and the possible development of side effects.

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