Best metal detector (metal detector): recommendations for choice

Many people who decide to look for antiquities or treasures often ask themselves how to choose the best metal detector. On the one hand, there is a desire to find a device cheaper, and on the other, I want it to be of acceptable quality. Based on which parameters make the best choice? Let's try together to understand this difficult issue.


Today in the market you can buy a metal detector or a handheld metal detector for every taste. The price for such a device starts from three and can reach two hundred thousand rubles. It is clear that the best metal detector can not be sold too cheaply. Sparing up at the beginning and saving on equipment, you can and do not have any results at all, and the search will lead only to the waste of time. At the same time, it is not necessary to choose the most expensive models. It is best to focus on the range of 25-35 thousand rubles. At such a price serious enough devices are sold, which not only people who do not disdain to use are searching for treasures - this is a favorite hobby, but also professionals who have great experience in this business. Models worth 10-20 thousand rubles are suitable for the most part to find scrap metal and just for entertainment, and if someone tries to sell you the "best" metal detector even cheaper than the specified range, then you can be sure that before you either a scammer or a full Prof. At a price of up to 10 thousand rubles, you can buy only a toy, which can be found except that the sewage hatch and then, provided that it is known where it lies. If the finance for a good new model is not enough, it makes sense to look at proven metal detectors used.

Depth of search

The second parameter that determines the quality of the device is the detection range. It should be borne in mind that the larger the object, the less sensitivity is required for its location and vice versa. Here everything depends on the purpose of the search. On average, professional models with a standard coil (10 ") help to detect coins at a depth of 35 cm, a treasure the size of an army helmet - at a depth of up to a meter. Other large objects can be found if they lie no more than 150 cm from the surface. A better metal detector can be obtained by increasing the diameter of the coil to 15 or 18 ". Due to this modification, the search depth increases by an average of 30%. This parameter directly depends on the frequency of the device, so it is desirable to choose models that have it as low as possible, and those that allow it to be adjusted.

The quality of discrimination and other functions

This parameter allows you to distinguish the material buried under the ground products. It is very useful function, thanks to which you can save time on excavating old pieces of iron and look for really valuable finds from non-ferrous metals. In addition, a really good metal detector should contain a setting for the type of ground, the screen backlight, adjust the volume of the signal and other useful additions. With regard to the choice of the manufacturer, the most attention deserves the devices of the company Minelab, which has long been considered the leader in the field of technical solutions to improve the depth of detection. The most popular professional metal detectors are CTX 3030, E-Trac, Explorer.

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