Beautiful sarafans: how to sew a summer outfit without special knowledge?

Today various kinds of needlework are very popular, and sewing occupies a solid niche among lovers of manual applied labor.

The subject of our conversation is sarafans. How can I sew such clothes myself, without special knowledge and skills? Let's try to consider the simplest versions of sewing sundresses by the method of creating dress-transformers, the process of manufacturing which takes no more than an hour.

Sarafans: how to sew without skills?

Stock up with the necessary tools:

- scissors;

- flexible centimeter;

- a piece of chalk;

- ruler;

- pins;

- needles;

- thread;

- sewing machine.

First of all you should arm yourself with the measures of the figure, on which you need to sew our product. It is enough to remove the girth of the chest and waist, the length of the skirt from the waist to the bottom. And on this, perhaps, everything.

Homemade sarafans. How to sew quickly and easily?

We will construct the most primitive basis - a skirt, two strips on the chest and one - on the waist.

Let's start with the construction skirt klesh. It is based on the sun. Take a piece of fabric and cut out of it a square with sides (S), their length is calculated by the following formula:

S = 2D of the skirt + 2R.

Such different sundresses ... How to sew an outfit based on the skirt of the sun

  1. We fold the piece of cloth four times. From one corner of the resulting square draw a quarter of the circle, which is equal to the radius of the recess of the waist R.
  2. From the received line, we will postpone another quarter of the circle with a radius that is equal to the length of the skirt (D skirts).
  3. Cut the workpiece around the circles.
  4. We process the bottom of the skirt with an overlock or knit tricot knit or any braid, lace to choose from. You can simply tuck the edge and sew it or zigzag stitch it on the sewing machine, selecting a small stitch and pulling the fabric. The result is a twisted edge.
  5. Cut out a strip of fabric from the fabric, equal in length to the waist circumference + 2-3 cm and a width of 6 cm. Fold this strip in half along and stitch along the top edge of the skirt - we get a belt that closed the open cut of the skirt and zadekoriroval it.
  6. We have two long belts with which we will close the chest and back. Their length can be arbitrary, but not less than 80 cm. More - as many as you like, how much tissue is missing. The width is about 20 centimeters for each. You can cut 40-centimeters, fold them along in half, stitch them in tubules and turn them out. Then you will have a completed part with closed slices. If the fabric is not dense, then this is the best option.
  7. Then they will need to be ironed, so that the stitching of the tube remains under the face. With this seam, the strip will be applied directly to the body.
  8. We make the top detail of the sarafan. Both stripes in the already completed form we sew to the belt of the skirt from the wrong side, close to each other. The loose ends will be thrown around the neck and already on the backrest arbitrarily intersect each other in various combinations.

Another way how you can sew a sundress without a pattern

Take two identical silk large square handkerchiefs. Stitch the two edges of these shawls laid out diagonally. Two small corners leave unattached to the end. The height of the corners should be equal to the depth of the desired neckline from the shoulder to the chest cavity. Do the same on the opposite side. You should get a cone - wide corners of the scarves at the bottom of the hem and 2 corners at the top. As accessories, use two straps that are sewn to the corners on top. With their help, you will tie the straps of the resulting sarafan. Either for the neck, or for one shoulder diagonally.

It was surprisingly beautiful, bright, unusual outfit. Now you know exactly how to sew a sarafan, without having a special education, or a rich sewing experience!

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