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Bear in a dream

Bear in a dream ... Agree, quite an unusual dream. Why would this animal come to us in a dream? Caution? Warn about something? Give strength and courage to make an important decision? Let's figure it out together.

Since ancient times, the dream about the bear had several interpretations, and, as positive, and promising misfortunes and troubles. For example, a bear in a dream was to win, but if you hit him in the paws, be careful, especially in financial matters, because You can expect huge cash costs. Money is also associated with a dancing bear in a dream - you will get a profitable loan or successfully complete the transaction. Bear skin is dreaming of riches, and a dish from a bear cub tells of an imminent wedding or other celebration, expecting your family in the near future.

If you are fond of onyrology, the science of dreams, you most likely paid attention to the fact that dreams are often advised to interpret, taking as a basis for the description and interpretation of different sources.

We are no exception. However, let's leave aside the explanations of the ancient Maya or the Incas. Certainly, these people had the gift to foresee what is happening, but since that time many centuries have passed, not only traditions have changed, but the meaning of what they saw, signs and symbols.

For example, our modern scientists have noticed that sleep can be interpreted quite differently for different people. If you contact a specialist to explain what you saw last night, you will be asked about the date of your birth. Wonder what this has to do with the bear in a dream? The most immediate! A clumsy, dancing in the arena of the circus, for those born in the autumn or in December, means an upcoming spectacular event, but the Mayan or summer birthday boy dreams of such a bear to report an empty or useless waste of time. Significant differences, right?

According to the data of the female dream book, a bear in a dream may well be a sign of rivalry in personal or intimate life. For a young woman, such a dream becomes a harbinger of the emergence of a strong and dangerous rival or failure in the affairs of love in general. And only if you kill this animal in your dream, you will be able to influence the course of events and, finally, to find a way out of the difficult situation.

A children's dream book, and imagine there is such a one, warns kids about treacherous friends hiding under the guise of good nature and benevolence.

In the family interpreter of dreams we are talking about the fact that an escaping toptygin talks about minor troubles, it will be surprisingly easy to cope with.

But the attacker ... Attention! The attacking bear is a dream-warning about the fact that you are most likely trying to destroy a strong enough opponent and only wisdom and discretion will help to get out of the current situation by the winner.

It also happens that in a dream the slobber beckons you to, for example, into the forest or to the lake. This means that you will be tried to entice you to another job, but you only have to agree if you are completely sure of the correctness and necessity of this step. In case of failure, this may lead to the loss of the post.

Separately, you need to identify and dreams in which you see a white toptagin. So, the polar bear is a dream, which becomes a harbinger of the forthcoming choice, i.e. Crossroads. Having made the right decision, you will gain incredible success and prosperity, but the wrong, unfortunately, will lead to a career collapse and many other troubles.

Attacking a polar bear means a quarrel, and a teddy bear floating on an ice floe tries to warn against possible scammers.

In general, I would like to note that dreams about the bear are considered quite true and, as a rule, facts from life soon serve as confirmation of the fact that fate is trying to tell you something or to put it on.

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