Audi RS6 Avant: specifications

"Audi RS6 Avant" is the name of a super-powerful sports "charged" station wagon, which is rightly considered the top of the A6 line and the pride of a well-known German concern. He has just a huge number of advantages and features, which should be discussed in more detail.

About the characteristic features

So, the first thing that I would like to note with attention, when speaking about "Audi RS6 Avant" - is that the specialists-developers have equipped the car with a very powerful motor, sports suspension and all-wheel drive. Due to this, it was possible to create a very quick, fast and even a fighting car. The sporting character can be traced literally right away. However, everything begins, of course, with design.

Not looking at the fact that the basic concept taken from the A6 sedan was used to create the car, this station wagon received its unique features that make the image of the Audi RS6 Avant even more attractive. It's really a sports car. With a grid radiator grille, an aggressive front bumper, enlarged air intakes, a diffuser and, of course, massive exhaust pipe fittings on the rear bumper. And during the re-growth of 2014/15, the car also bought LED adaptive optional lights.

About the interior

"Audi RS6 Avant" is beautiful not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Its interior was maximally refined, although at first glance it is identical to the interior design in the A6 sedan. Many people compare these two cars. However, the interior of the PC6 is different. Immediately striking another color scheme of design, as well as the fact that the decoration used high-quality materials - much more expensive than in the A6. In addition to all added sports steering wheel, as well as extensive basic equipment. Also it is necessary to note special attention to comfortable chairs. They, of course, are also sporty. In addition, with lateral support. In general, the salon will be comfortable for everyone - there is a lot of space, besides, everything is equipped with modern technology. In particular, it affects the retractable monitor with excellent graphics and a bright display. But, despite the use of such technologies, there is no pretentiousness in the salon - everything is strictly and tastefully. What to say - the developers have tried to make sure that the driver gets the maximum pleasure from driving.

Audi RS6 Avant: specifications

Under the hood of this car is such a motor that from one mention of it on the skin of real connoisseurs of quality cars is shaking. This V-shaped gasoline engine for eight cylinders, the working volume of which is four liters! In addition, there is a turbocharger, direct injection, as well as a system to turn off half of all cylinders. And, of course, this beast is endowed with a system called "start / stop". Naturally, such a "beast" can develop a huge speed. The maximum is 305 km / h! Although in Russia this indicator was "cut" by the limiter to 250 km / h. Up to "hundred" this car accelerates in less than four seconds. In general, a really decent level, so that in dynamics and speed there is no doubt.

Important information

"Audi RS6 Avant", reviews of which are only positive, differs even a small fuel consumption (in any case, the performance for this car is really low). It is less than ten liters in a mixed cycle. This machine, in addition, is equipped with a multi-link and fully independent suspension, which has adaptive air damper. They, in turn, have not one, but several modes in which you can work. Also included is the function of changing the clearance. But that's not all. This sports sedan has a four-wheel drive system, which was created on the basis of a self-locking center differential.

Special attention I would like to note the brakes. They are installed on all wheels. And they are not ordinary. These are special, ventilated, disc brakes. By the way, some of them are changed to others, ceramic ones. There is already a matter of preferences and taste.

Reviews and comments

Many Russian and foreign car lovers were waiting for the release of this model. Critics, reviewers - all could not wait, when, at last, sales of the new "Audi" will begin. And, finally, it happened. Thousands of people to understand what this or that machine is worth, read reviews, look at reviews, pay attention to criticism. One of the most striking and impressive Russian videos on this model is, perhaps, a review on "Audi RS6 Avant" Davidovich. Everyone knows this critic and connoisseur of cars. Eric Davidovich knows a lot about cars and masterfully has a syllable. He is keenly and, as they say, "without notes" he criticizes certain models, but mostly new ones, recently published, and in particular honors German brands. As Eric himself said - he did not think that this car will make such a positive impression on him. But the producers of "Audi" are really good fellows. Even in the crisis, they managed to create a new engine and a completely new machine, which is now at the peak of technical thought.

Well, many agree with the opinion of an automobile reviewer. And in fact, the owners of the car do not complain - and the speed, and power, and, especially, the level of comfort with dynamics - all at the highest level. It is difficult to scold a car that is perfect in almost everything.

"Audi RS6 Avant": the price and a complete set

So, as it was already possible to understand, this car has much in common with the A6 model. However, this is not the only machine with which "Avant" has a similarity. With the S6 Avant, this model has a lot in common, especially with regard to the configuration. It's hard not to notice, especially to those people who are fans of "Audi. PC6 Avant", whose price starts from 5 100 000 rubles - this is a machine designed for really wealthy people. Such car and care for it is not affordable for everyone. Moreover, the specified price is the cost of the car that has not yet passed restyling.

But the improved station wagons cost more - at least 5 150 000 rubles. In Russia, by the way, they appeared not so long ago - at the end of last year. And they are already full swing wealthy individuals who are fans of sports cars.

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