Atmosphere - clothes combining the touches of exquisite classics with functionality

In the domestic space, the official store, where the clothes "Atmosphere" is presented, is not so easy to find. Many people are familiar with this brand only through shopping abroad, where there is a network of official outlets (mainly in Western countries). Another category of people is frequent visitors to sewers or shops of cheap clothes from Europe (that is, second-hand clothes) that have become fans of Atmosphere. Clothing of this brand attracts with its functionality and modern original design.

Goods are positioned as irreplaceable, everyday, comfortable, natural. At the same time, they attract the excellent quality and affordable prices of Atmosphere products. Clothes are relatively inexpensive, focused on a wide audience.

One of the largest companies representing the textile industry, "Primark", represents the brand "Atmosphere". His clothes are designed for women. Along with this popular brand of fashionable ladies' things, the conglomerate "Primark" is the creator of other brands, no less famous. These are "Secret Possessions", "Secret Possessions Collection", "Backswing", "Denim Co"; From children's textile products - these are the well-known "early days", "girl2girl", "yang dimension" and others.

The corporation "Primark", one of whose brands today is "Atmosphere" (clothes for women), has a unique success story. Her work began in June 1969. The first store was opened in Ireland (in Dublin). During the year, four more stores were added, all in the Greater Dublin area.

In 1971, the first large-scale outlet outside of Dublin was opened, and by the end of the same year there were 11 more outlets in Ireland.

For many years the company has conquered the expanses of Europe. At present, shops with products of the company "Primark", which produces "Atmosphere", total only 257: in Ireland (38), Spain (35), Great Britain (161), Netherlands (4), Portugal (6), Germany (10) , Belgium (1), Austria (2).

The company's policy is focused on reducing the cost of goods in all sorts of ways. According to the organizers themselves, this is a saving on traditional advertising and a preference for BTL technologies; The possibility of large-scale purchases of raw materials for production, which initially reduces the cost of the final goods; Well thought-out logistics system.

But, despite the "popular" and democratic nature of positioning, the quality of goods does not suffer. This can be seen by acquiring the things of the brand "Atmosphere". Clothing created by designers is not the only direction of the corporation. Here you can find stylish shoes, accessories, leather goods.

Deciding to purchase things of the brand "Atmosphere", you should pay attention to the gradation of the sizes. In different countries there are differences. The table shows the main data that will help you choose the right thing. Usually the size is indicated on the label from the wrong side, and you can find the exact information about the composition there.

Size chart. The size ratio in the countries: Great Britain, Ireland, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal.

United Kingdom / Ireland "20" "18" "16" "14" "12" "10" "8"
Spain / Portugal "4 8 "4 6" "4 4" "4 2" "4 0" "3 8" "3 6"
Netherlands "4 6" "4 4" "4 2" "4 0" "3 8" "3 6" "3 4"

The size can have a double value. For example: in the label you can find a combination of numbers, like 8-10, or 18-20. Basically, these are clothes made from elastic flexible malleable fabrics that have the property of stretching.

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