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Artur Smolyaninov: biography, filmography, personal life

Smolyaninov Arthur was born in the capital in 1983, on October 27. His childhood and youth he lived in the town of Korolyov. Arthur's mother is an artist. She also works at school as a drawing teacher. In addition to the future actor, the family had two brothers and a sister. Often Artur Smolyaninov said that he had never been alone all his childhood. He even had a feeling that the people of him all stuck. Until the age of majority, Arthur lived in a one-room apartment with seven more family members, and then - with six. And only after the 18th anniversary did he have his own room, in which he liked to be alone.

Heavy adolescence

Arthur was raised only by her mother. According to the actor, his father left when he was too young. And his stepfather did not get along well with his stepfather, although he taught him a lot. And often Arthur Smolyaninov said that he still has a need for a father.

According to the young actor, the teenager from him was terrible. Due to his not very good discipline, he changed a large number of schools. Several times Arthur visited the police. But, as he himself said, all the dirty tricks were made without the desire to harm anyone, but only for the sake of fun and interest.

Attention the young actor tried to attract to himself in his childhood

At each lesson, Arthur did his best to attract attention. Probably, this was already a sign that he would make a good actor. Because he was self-centered, Arthur wanted everyone to not only look at him, but also communicate only with him. Therefore, already in his childhood years, he often heard that he had to go to the actors. Most likely, this influenced his fateful choice.

Filming in the film completely changed the life

Because he was a complicated teenager, he was registered with the police. And if it were not for the shooting of Valery Priemykhov, he would most likely have ended up in prison. Also it was Valery who opened the cinema for Arthur. The first film, filmed by Artur Smolyaninov, appeared on television in 1998. At this time, the actor himself was 14 years old.

The school, in which Arthur studied, visited the assistant director. He photographed the students and took their data. And thanks to this, the future famous actor was seen. Probably, the choice of the director was influenced by the indefatigability of Arthur. After all, after the third takes, many guys got tired and generally stopped trying. And Arthur, even after the sixteenth take, tried to do what was required of him. The role of Tolasik in the movie "Who, if not we" as a result earned him the title of the best teenage actor.

After the meeting with Priemykhov, Smolyaninov completely changed. With the help of this unique director, the teenager has revised his views a lot. Valeriy's death was hard-suffered by Arthur. After all, he gave him a ticket to an acting career. After filming the success of the young actor did not leave.

Obtaining actor's education

After the school was externally finished, actor Artur Smolyaninov at the age of 16 from the first attempt was able to enter the RATI. He began to study acting at the directing department. Already in 2004 he finished his studies. At the same time, there was something that Smolyaninov Arthur could have been proud of. The filmography of this remarkable actor numbered about ten works not only in films, but also on television.

Participation in the filming of films and serials

After his successful debut, he played in the movie "Triumph". However, he acquired fame only after the role of Liutog in the film, which told of the war in Afghanistan. It was called "9th company". But this picture did not affect his popular popularity. She appeared with the young actor after filming in the serial movie "The Secret Sign". It described the problems that are relevant for many adolescents: drug addiction, Nazism, sectarianism, etc. Is it therefore worth mentioning that the series has become quite popular not only in our country?

Ability to play a role

Films with Arthur Smolyaninov struck many. He knew how to get used to any role. The game of cinema, according to the actor, consists of several stages. And a variety of roles help them to step upwards. Therefore, rising from one step to the next, he sorted out his shortcomings and tried to get rid of them. However, despite his roles, Arthur considers himself a doubting person. According to him, he is constantly afraid that his new role as a result will be the last.

Films with Arthur Smolyaninov never ceased to appear on TV screens. After he starred in the series "Law", the actor began with a double zeal to participate in the filming of the continuation of the film "The Secret Sign". Then the film "Shik" was presented to the fans' court, where Arthur played the main role. The film became quite a successful festival work.

The role of the Stronger brought great popularity to the actor

After the release of films "Papa" and "Mars" Artur Smolyaninov was invited to screen test films "9 companies". Initially, he had to play the role of Gioconda. However, as a result, he played quite brightly and strongly Liutogo.

As Arthur himself said, shooting in this movie made him rethink some moments. Changes in himself, he began to feel at the very end, when it was necessary to play the most difficult scenes. However, he does not see anything strange in this, since, according to him, he has such an age when much has to be re-evaluated and changed. The film "9th company" was able to attract the attention of many fans of cinema. And a considerable part of this popularity was added by Arthur's masterful play. After the role of Luty, he was more often noticed by filmmakers and invited to shoot new films. Accordingly, the popularity began to increase.

Theatrical life of young talent

In 2006, a new actor, Arthur Smolyaninov, was admitted to the Sovremennik Theater. Everyone can see the photo and video of his performances. This is also facilitated by a large number of various works, in which he took part, playing on the stage. In his diploma productions Arthur played in "Family situations" and "Do not sit down in your sleds". However, this is far from all the works, which can tell Arthur Smolyaninov.

The personal life of a talented actor

Secret marriages occur quite often. Especially if we talk about actors. So Arthur did not become an exception in this case. He always hid all the facts that were connected with his personal life. And that is why his marriage to Darya Melnikova, who starred in the series "Daddy's Daughters", was a complete surprise for many fans.

The first could not stand Dasha. If she had not posted the relevant photos in "VKontakte" on her page, then no one would have been able to find out about the wedding. Friends of the young couple were very happy about their decision to get married. They all noticed more than once that Arthur and Daria are absolutely compatible with each other. In the beginning, there was no talk of anything other than friendship between them. They were happy and friendly. However, everything turned into love after taking part in the filming of the series "The Heroes of Major Sokolov." And it was this series that brought them to the wedding.

It is not necessary to stop on the reached

Arthur always believed that popularity can not be eternal. To ensure that it does not disappear, you need to constantly work not only on yourself, but also on your new roles. Therefore, on the achieved, he does not intend to stop and will continue to please his fans with his new role as an actor. And he will try to make sure that the role was played powerfully and brightly.

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