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Anna. Characteristics of the name. Fate

Name Anne of Hebrew origin, its meaning is "grace." It is common in our country and is one of the most popular all over the world. Ann or Nancy in English-speaking countries, Anika in the Baltics, Anita in Spain, Anais, Anouk or Annette in France. In our country, Anna has such a number of diminutives that any girl can find her own version. Anechka, Nyura, Annushka, Anyuta, Nyusha are all about her.

Anna. Characteristics of the name. Childhood

Little Anechka is an unusually kind girl. Picking up and nursing abandoned animals, loves to play dolls, helps mother to care for her younger sister. Growing up, does not lose responsiveness. Without reminders, he will visit his grandmother in the hospital, go to the pharmacy for medicines for an old neighbor. Sometimes others abuse her kindness, but Anyuta does not know how to take offense. She is active in school, she often argues with teachers.

Anna. Characteristics of the name. Youth

Anya is attractive, artistic, watches fashion. She has golden hands, and if the parents do not have the money to buy her outfit, she will be able to sew herself a beautiful dress. Always watching for yourself, Anyuta will not see with a dirty head or in a skirt with a spot. He does not like sluts, and if her young man shows up for a date in dirty boots, then this can alienate the girl from him.

Has a good memory and developed intuition. He believes that the norms of morality are not written for her. Sometimes frivolous, may not finish the business if it has lost interest in them. He does not listen to advice, he prefers to learn from his own mistakes.

Anna. Characteristics of the name. Profession

Anna will like the work where she can help people. From it will be a nurse, a teacher, a teacher in a kindergarten. Artistry and the desire to be in sight will be pushed to creative professions. Can become a singer, artist or actress. The salary for it is not the main thing, the sense of its usefulness is a more important criterion when choosing a job.

Anna. Characteristics of the name. Family and marriage

Anya is so used to patronize that as a chosen one one can choose a weak person or even a patient with alcoholism. She will take it as her cross and resign without a murmur throughout her life. Unfortunately, Nyura is prone to suffering, she would not have interfered with a bit of healthy egoism. For her the word "love" is often equivalent to "regret." He will be a faithful wife, very painfully worried about the betrayal of her husband. Forgive, but will not forget. But even then, he will try to keep the marriage, since it is easier for Annushka to survive humiliation than divorce and loneliness. If there are no children in the marriage, then the child will be adopted from the orphanage.

General characteristics of the name Anna

Kindness, gentleness, sociability are inherent in Ana, people are drawn to her. She is a good person and a wonderful friend. To life is serious, can not get a sense of humor. Caring for others, she can forget about herself, which leads to health problems. I can not defend my own opinion. If it encounters rudeness and rudeness, it can not respond in the same spirit, but closes in itself and waits for better times.

Name Compatibility

Anna can create a happy marriage with Constantine, Boris, Stepan, Eugene, Alexei. Do not link your fate with Sergei, Stanislav, Alexander, Ruslan.

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