All about DGMV VAZ-2110 (mass air flow sensor)

DMRV VAZ-2110 (mass air flow sensor) is the most important detail of the car, without which not a single modern injector engine, including the domestic "tens" engine, can do without. Many car owners at least once faced the problem of the ICE. In many cases, the cause is a faulty mass air flow sensor. Today, we will talk about its design, and also find out whether it is possible to repair this part in case of breakage.

What is an air sensor?

VAZ-2110 and many other models of the "tenth family" have a similar design of DMRV. Basically, this spare part is a small device that is installed in the nozzle and connects the throttle valve to the air filter (hence the name - the air sensor). Its main function is to control the volume of air that enters the injector motor.

How can I determine if this part is malfunctioning?

The main symptom of a mass air flow sensor failure is uneven engine operation. At its work the driver feels sharp jumps of turns, wrong dynamics of dispersal and faults at idling. Also, when this part is broken, it's very difficult to start a car: even if on the street plus 30, in the salon the heat and the engine are hot, it's unlikely that you will be able to go somewhere with such a car.

There are also other signs that indicate that the V-2110 DMRV has become unusable, and they can arise even if the car has a normal overclocking dynamics. This can be signaled by a cracked hose that connects the throttle module to the flowmeter. And the last thing that signals a malfunction is the luminous bulb on the instrument panel ("Check engine" or CHECK ENGINE). But such a signal does not give a 100 percent guarantee that the failure should be sought in the mass air flow sensor. Perhaps the fault lies in the lambda probe or some other detail. Therefore, in any case, the machine must be sent for diagnosis, otherwise the exact cause of the failure you do not determine by the light bulb.

Can it be repaired?

Unfortunately, this part can not be repaired. In case of breakage, it can only be replaced. In addition, the VFD-2110 DMRV is a very vulnerable device: it can be broken even when its surface is often cleaned (especially often when the device is cleaned with cotton).

Resource replacement

Precisely, after how many it is necessary to replace the mass air flow sensor, it is impossible - it can break even after 10 thousand kilometers, and can serve 100 thousand or more. Everything depends on the specific operating conditions and on the quality of the assembly of the part itself.

Sensor DFID VAZ-2110: price

On average, the cost of a new spare part for the "tens" is about two thousand rubles. But in the stores you can see the details with much less value. As a rule, these are sensors without a housing. But to buy them for the sake of economy is not worth it, since such a spare part can soon break down. It is also possible that such a mass air flow sensor simply does not work for your iron friend.

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