Additive "Spematon": reviews, composition, recommendations

Statistics confirms: from all married couples who decided to have a child, about a quarter is faced with the impossibility of conception. Most men accuse women of this problem. However, in about half of the cases, the fault lies not with them. In most cases, the decline in male fertility is caused by an insufficient number of mobile spermatozoa. The reasons for the deviation may be different, but in all cases a unique, specially designed for men complex of vitamins "Spematon" will help. Reviews about the drug doctors and patients who have experienced its effect on themselves, are exclusively positive color. Almost all the receiving agents of the man very soon became popes. It is worth to get acquainted with the miracle means closer.

What is the drug "Spematon"

The price of this drug in different parts of Russia does not exceed a thousand rubles. This is another argument in favor of taking the medicine. Actually, this means can not be called a "medicine". It consists of increased doses of L-carnitine, zinc and vitamin E. The first component increases the number of active, fertile sperm. Under the influence of L-carnitine, they quickly and completely mature.

Zinc is responsible for the formation in the body of a man of two hormones: testosterone and follicle-stimulating. They are responsible for the amount of sperm produced. Vitamin E stimulates the vitality of spermatozoa, their activity, usefulness. The joint action of the three components makes the drug "Spematon" (Speman) a reliable means of increasing male fertility. This is the name of men's ability to procreate.

How and who should take the drug "Spematon"?

The comments of experts and the statistics they conduct, look convincing. The drug has no contraindications. Unless people who do not tolerate its components, should take it with caution, so as not to provoke an allergic attack. All the rest, taking the medicine "Spematon", can count not only on improving the quality of spermatozoa and increasing their number, but also on the overall improvement of the body.

How to take the supplement "Spematon"? The doctors say that to restore fertility in the average cases it is enough to take dietary supplements only one month. Adult men should once a day (always with food) dissolve the contents of the packet (also called "sachet-package") in water and drink immediately after dissolution. You can not keep the diluted additive: it quickly loses its properties. It should be remembered: without the permission of the doctor, the drug can not be taken. For each patient, the specialist selects an individual course. Given that the maturation of the sperm requires 72 days, the course begins a few months before the planned conception of the baby.

Features of the dietary supplements "Spematon"

Reviews of doctors and patients allow us to conclude: conception will be more likely if vitamin supplements are taken not only by a man, but by a woman. At a time when a man uses the drug "Spematon", the woman is prescribed the drug "Pregnonton". It is very important that both these medicines enter the organism of future parents continuously for several months. All this time the future father and mother should be under the supervision of doctors.

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