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Writer Olga Y. Kobylyanskaya: biography, creativity and interesting facts

Olga Yulianovna Kobylianska (1863-1942) is a Ukrainian writer, a well-known figure who devoted her life to the struggle for the equality of women and men; Member of the Writers' Union of the USSR.

Childhood in Gura-Gumora and in Suceava

Olga Kobylianska (born 1863-1942) was born on November 27 in the city of Gura-Gumora in the Carpathian Mountains (now the city belongs to Romania) and lived almost 80 years of a long and busy life. Olga spent most of her childhood with her brothers and sisters, whom she loved very much (she was born the fourth child in the family). Her life began in Gura-Gumora, and then, at the urging of her father, their family was transferred to the city of Suceava, where the Ukrainian poet Nikolai Ustiyanovich lived next door to the Kobyliansky family. Very soon the future writer finds in the new city a new girlfriend - her namesake and her own neighbor, daughter Ustiyanovicha Olga. In the same city, Yulian Kobyliansky, giving great importance to the education of his children, gave his sons to a small school. Together with older brothers, Olga began to get used to the educational process little by little.

Childhood in Kimmlong

After Suceava, the Kobyliansky moved to the Garden City, but they did not stay there - the father of the family had an attack, after which the local doctor decided that the patient simply needed fresh mountain air to heal. Next to her father was Olga Kobylianska. The biography of the future writer goes on in the town of Kimlong, where she was forced to move the whole family in 1869, and where later they will live for fourteen long years. It is there that a young girl in four years ends a small German school. Initially, teaching was difficult, because German was a new language for young Olga, and yet nothing could be done - in South Bukovina in those years, German was the official language, so the training program in most schools was conducted on it.

A family

About any of the writers can say a lot, using a variety of sources, and this writer has an interesting fact from the biography. Olga Kobylianska was one of seven children in her family. In our time it is difficult to imagine how much effort it took to ensure that every child in the future grew up as a worthy person. Parents of the future writer, indeed, from the very beginning it was not easy, especially worth noting the difficult fate of Julian Kobyliansky, who practically in his early childhood remained an orphan. Olga's father, despite the difficult situation, struggled to get an education on his own, earning him lessons that he cheaply gave to the neighbors. Thanks to his efforts, soon Kobylyansky was appointed contractor, followed by promotion - he was appointed as a mandator. However, the desire for the justice of this man played a cruel joke with him: having acted against a noble and having a connection between the landowner, he himself signed the verdict. And yet he did not give up and after some years he got a decent job in court.

About the mother of Olga Kobylianska is much less known than about her father. A reliable fact is that she was the daughter of an emigrant Pole. For a long time, the mother of the future writer worked as a governess in the family of a rich priest.

Both the father and mother of Kobylianska were honest and sympathetic people, everyone treated them with respect, their advice was desired and listened to. My father was strict at times, but invariably fair, his mother was a soft and sensitive woman who managed to raise seven worthy people and open their way to life.

The first self-awareness

Despite an active study of the language of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Kobylianska began to study the Ukrainian language, which was given even heavier than German. Lessons she took from a local teacher named Protsyukevich, who taught at the same school where Olga studied.

Being very freedom-loving and emotional in her soul, the girl could not help feeling literary, she was always looking for an opportunity to throw out her thoughts and feelings. And in her family, from the diaper, parents instilled in children respect and love for the word and creativity of the people. As a result, during the years of training in Kimplung, Olga re-read many books: Goethe, Schiller, and even Byron were on the list.

Biography Kobylyanskaya Olga Yulianovna gives the reader a vivid idea of what followed the entrenched in the girl's craving for literary art. Already at the age of fourteen she tries her poetic powers and rhymes the first lines.

Early Creativity

Young Olga Kobylianska wrote her first poems under the title "Hortense, or an essay from the life of a girl", which is interesting and reflects the whole essence of childhood inexperience. The work was written in German and was not approved by any of Kobylyanskaya's friends or acquaintances. From the bitterness of the first failure, Olga never remembers her first feathers in her life.

But on this she was not going to stop - several more poems appeared to the light: "A sketch from the people's life in Bukovina", "A man from the people", etc. All these works were all fragmentary, highlighting certain aspects and not wanting to assemble In the full picture of the thoughts and emotional state of their author.

Formation of Olga Kobylyanskaya as a writer

An important moment in the fate of Olga Kobylianska became an acquaintance with Natalia Kobrinskaya, then a well-known Ukrainian writer. Kobylianskaya herself was barely eighteen, but this did not stop her from going up and with a confident gait to follow the path to which her parents first sent her, and now she's also a teacher in the person of a great writer. From that moment, the whole life of Olga is radically changing. Before it opens a completely different world - a world where she can finally express her thoughts without fear of being ridiculed.

Kobrinskaya introduces Kobylianskaya with Ukrainian creativity - in the course are Ukrainian books, legends and legends. Eagerly swallowing every word, Kobylianska understands that she has found her place in life. Many friends and friends happily help Olga in studying Ukrainian culture. Very soon Olga Kobylyanskaya began to make rapid progress in the literary field. After writing a story in German "She got married", which later became the basis of the story "Man", the light appears that most famous Ukrainian writer Kobylianskaya Olga.

Life in Chernivtsi

In 1891, for family reasons, the entire family of Kobylyansky moved to Chernivtsi. This time finds Olga in full bloom of the writer's forces - she loves everything around, she wants to create and bring a particle of herself into this world. In this city, she now can fully embrace Ukrainian culture, which she uses, along with improving some of her works.

In 1894 in the magazine "Dawn" publish the first Ukrainian story Kobylyanskaya "Man". Illuminated with bright rays of success, the writer is working harder, making various translations, taking an active part in all literary events.

In 1895 the story entitled "The Princess" was completed. It was after this work that Kobylianskaya Olga Julianovna won respect from the famous author Ivan Franko.

In 1898 the writer comes to Lviv. Here the biography of Kobylianskaya Olga Yulianovna is supplemented with a new significant event: the girl personally gets acquainted with Ivan Franko, a strong friendship is tied between them. After this event, Ivan Franko, as a rather authoritative and revered at the time writer, publicly announced the talent of Olga Kobylyanskaya.

Acquaintance with Lesya Ukrainka (Larisa Kosach)

Few people know the identity of another, but more famous writer under the pseudonym Lesja Ukrainka. Too many rumors and secrets circulated around the name of these two women, two ardent defenders of women's rights, two girls, extremely similar in spirit. In 1899, through the mutual friend of M. Pavlik, the acquaintance of two future inseparable friends took place. In that 1899 Lesia decided first to write a letter to Olga, it was from this first letter and begins the correspondence of two women, whom they will lead until the end of their days. An amazing mutual understanding is established between them: for both, the great happiness is to correspond with books, music, literature, discuss and tell their thoughts, their problems. Lesya Ukrainka always admired the brave thoughts in the works of Kobylianska, and the other in response worshiped the poetry of her friend. During the whole friendship they were frank and sympathetic with each other, often visited one another and simply did not imagine moments without the thought of their girlfriend. Olga visited the Green Grove at Lesya, and the latter stayed for a whole month in the house of Kobylianska's parents in the Carpathian Mountains.

It was thanks to Lesja Ukrainka that the works of Russian classics of that era-Tolstoy, Saltykov-Shchedrin, Dostoyevsky, Turgenev, etc., made a huge impression on Kobylyanskaya.

A supporter of women's emancipation

Feeling incomprehensible pressure and overhanging bans in various fields, Olga Kobylyanskaya decided to struggle with all her might against infringement of women's rights in public and cultural life. In the writer, the militant fire of feminism flared up so much that after a while she became one of the initiators of the "Russian Women's Society in Bukovina".

In many of her works, for example, in "The Princess" or in her first novel "The Man" Olga Kobylianska clearly reflects the heroines of the search motive - the search for love, the meaning of life and, of course, women's happiness. Each female character of the writer has a strong-willed and strong character, thanks to which each of these strong "book" women eventually achieves her. Such was their creator.

last years of life

After 1912, life turns into a black stripe for Olga Kobylyanskaya. One by one, her close friends die: Ivan Franko, Kotsyubinsky and even Lesya Ukrainka. A war begins in the country, and on this basis and the soil of grievous grief, Olga begins to write antiwar stories to at least try to return to the dark world a ray of light. Thus appear "Dreams", "Judas", and others.

During the Second World War, Olga Kobylyanskaya, already paralyzed and old, is planned to be evacuated from Chernivtsi, where she lived her life, but nothing happens, and the unfortunate writer is taken prisoner by the Germans. She was destined to go under the tribunal and be shamefully killed, but again she showed her strong-willed character that she is capable of changing and will do this, if she wants, the whole scenario of events. March 21, 1942, she dies. In memory of the writer in her hometown, a museum was built, which to this day is full of people, so that they all remember about that amazing woman, who was Olga Kobylianska. Biography of the writer ends in this city - it is buried in Chernivtsi - a place where she was destined to begin her stunning journey of the writer and worthily complete it.

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