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Where is it better to catch Pokémon? Coordinates of the best places to search for Pokémon

Pokemon GO can be safely called one of the best applications for mobile phones of the last decade. After all, this game won not one million people around the world. Now the search for Pokémon will surprise no one, and even in a small town one can see a man leading a "hunt" for virtual monsters. In this short review we will tell you where it is better to catch Pokémon.

How to create pocket monsters

Before you figure out where it is better to catch Pokemon, you need to understand the principle of the appearance of a pet. At first glance it seems that the creatures are in one place or another randomly, and their location is determined randomly. Of course, the share of "lucky chance" is present here, but the algorithm of appearance, incorporated in the program of the game, makes it possible to determine the most probable habitats of creatures. The main difference between the points where it is better to look for Pokémon is their populousness: museums, tourist places, attractions and supermarkets. In addition, in order to find a rare pet, it is necessary to fulfill a number of conditions, for example, near a possible place of appearance there must be a river, and it can be found only at night.

Top of the best hunting arenas

The leader of the list of places where it is best to catch Pokemon is the small South Korean city of Sokcho, located near Seoul. By recognizing the players, you can catch up to thirty monsters in just half an hour. In addition, in this town most often there are such rare creatures as Pikachu and Farfetch.

The second place in the list of tourist places, where it is best to catch Pokemon, rightly belongs to New York. Virtual monsters can be found in the redistribution of the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, as well as in the Central Park.

Closes the top three leaders of the metropolis of Tokyo. Catching Pokemon here is best in squares and in any other crowded places, which in this city abound. In addition, this metropolis, which is the birthplace of virtual monsters, can give you a meeting with the rarest Ditto.

Famous cities

The next great city, where it is better to catch Pokemon, is Rome. After all, in this huge museum you can always find a large crowd of tourists, and accordingly, monsters, because they "love" to dwell in crowded places. Another city that, according to the assurances of tourists, is teeming with Pokemon is San Francisco.

In addition to the above, the top ten cities in the world to search for creatures included Oakland, Honolulu, London, Vienna and the German city of Wolfsburg. Also very popular with tourists involved in catching Pokemon, use the Opera House in Sydney, Lileid Lake and the German city of Hamburg.

Pokemon search in Russia

With the advent of the crisis, only a few of us can afford to go to distant countries to catch this or that rare creature. But do not be upset, because in our vastness you can significantly replenish your collection of pocket monsters. To date, many tour operators offer special trips to the habitats of the creatures of the game "Pokemon Go". Where is it better to catch Pokémon within our country? Read more about this.

St. Petersburg

The northern capital is rightfully considered one of the best cities to search for pocket monsters, because the number of museums and tourist places here is really off scale. If you do not know where it is better to catch Pokemon in St. Petersburg, then you should first go to Nevsky Prospekt. In addition, to search for creatures, it will be superfluous to visit Palace Square, Victory Park, Lesotechnical Academy, Matveevsky Garden and all the stations.


The capital of Russia, of course, is one of the best places to find Pokemon. In this case, most of them accidentally appear on the map in the most unexpected places. Most individuals are not tied to any terrain, but still we will indicate the coordinates where it is better to catch Pokémon. First of all, it is worth going to the Pushkin Museum, especially since the leadership of this historic landmark officially allowed to look for pocket monsters here. In addition, Pokemon fishing is allowed in the Moscow Zoo, provided that visitors do not disturb the peace of animals. Metro management is also not against the search for pets, but only in the zone for passengers and not at rush hour. The best stations for fishing were "Exhibition" and "Sparrow Hills". In addition, it will be useful to visit the Central Department Store, Central Park of Culture and VDNKh.


One of the best cities in Russia to search for Pokemon is Yekaterinburg. Here you can find monsters not only on the streets and in museums, but also in financial institutions and large stores. The fact is that entrepreneurs have long understood that catching Pokémon attracts visitors to their places of residence, so in many similar buildings special terminals were installed, attracting creatures, as well as post-places were placed. For search, visit shopping centers "Passage" and "Greenwich", as well as branches of "Sberbank" and restaurant Alibi.

For catching water Pokemon it is best to go to Samara, to the park named after the 60th anniversary of the Soviet Power. In the city of Ufa there is a great chance to find rare creatures near the fountain, located near the City Council. The central areas of Chelyabinsk can also please you with a meeting with an unusual pet. In addition, it would be superfluous to visit the streets of Pushkin, the Opera House and the Museum of Local Lore. So it's not necessary to go to the far end of the world in search of a rare creature, because our cities can also help you fill out your Pokedex.

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