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When the Days of the Angel of Anna are celebrated

When are the Days of the Angel of Anna, the beautiful female name, celebrated? You can answer this question by simply listing the dates. But let's find out what the name-day tradition means, what is the meaning of this name, what characteristics do women with the name Anna have?

Name Day, Angel Day

In Orthodoxy, when baptized, a person is given one more name - a name before God. It is chosen from the names of the saints' face, the memory of which is celebrated either on the day of its birth or on the days that are walking nearby. Thus, at this moment a person finds a "heavenly" namesake, the date of which is respected (according to the church calendar) and will be the days of his name-day.

"As for our name day ..."

The tradition of celebrating the name day is coming back. Whether people are looking for an additional reason for the holiday, or really turn to spirituality - this is on the conscience of every person. In Russia, name days were celebrated from the 17th century, and "birthdays", in our understanding, were introduced after the revolution, when all religious was exterminated in any of its manifestations.

The days of Angela Anna

Name days are the treatment of saints with the same name that was given to a person at baptism. Since there are several saints with the same names in the Svyatz, so the name-day may be several times a year, or even a month. However, it happens that the baby is named Anna at the baptism in honor of a certain saint. Then the Days of the Angel of Anna are celebrated only on the day of remembrance of this woman, erected in the canon.

"By your name, let your life be"

So spoke the Optina old man. What does the name "Anna" mean? From Hebrew, "grace," "mercy." The name "Anna" has such energy characteristics - sincerity, sincerity, activity. Women with the name Anna are sacrificial, they have too serious an approach to life and to themselves. Often choose the path of altruism, throwing their personal needs and goals to the sidelines. The result of such "mercy" can be illness and unsettled life. However, beautiful wives leave them because of their patience, economic and tolerance. The main thing for Anna is to meet not a morose nerd, with the same "serious" outlook on life, but an "easy", sincere and caring man who will save her from herself.

On what date is the Day of Angela Anna (name-day)

All Anna can celebrate her birthday (Angel Days) in such numbers according to the church calendar (the Saints) :

  • February - 13, 16;
  • April - 8, 13;
  • May - 25, 26;
  • July - 18;
  • August - 5, 8;
  • September - 10, 22;
  • October - 15;
  • November - 4, 10;
  • December - 3, 22.

These dates are the Days of Angela Anna.

Holy patronesses are namesake

Annam called several holy women and martyrs, who for their deeds were ranked as saints. Let's remember them: Anna the Prophetess, mother of the prophet Samuel; Anna Seleucian, Anna Novgorod (princess), Anna Kashinskaya, Anna (Evfimian) Bithin, daughter of Fanuilov, Agnia (Anna) Roman, Anna Adrianople, Anna Leucadian, Anna mother of the Blessed Virgin.

"Famous" Anna

Non-canonized, but no less significant women with this name in our society: Anna Pavlova (ballerina), Anna Samokhina (Russian actress of cinema and theater), Anna Akhmatova (writer, poetess), Anna Golubkina (sculptor), Anna Zegers (writer) .

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