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What should I do: I fell in love? Fell in love "to death." I fell in love without a memory

"Love will accidentally come on ...", is sung in an old song. Indeed, she comes when she "does not expect at all." No one can fall in love (as well as fall out of love) on their own or according to plan: it always happens suddenly, like a lightning strike. Sometimes the feeling captures so much that all the usual life goes to a secondary plan, and the person already thinks: "What should I do? I fell in love without a mind! "It seems that love is something that should be rejoiced, because it is God's gift, not always so, because sometimes it starts to bring not joy and happiness, but only pain and suffering. So what to do, If he fell in love "to death"?

Lightning Strike

This is how often describe the moment of the appearance of falling in love with those who experienced love at first sight. Strangely enough, this surprise is more typical of men. They can fall in love with a girl in a minute. It should be noted that their feelings go faster than women.

It is noticed that to attract a guy in a girl can even a minor trifle: shoes on the heel, a special model of haircuts, color of lipstick or dresses, look, gait. Men are very attentive to such details and it is on them that they tend to "sink". This is a phenomenon, and it is inherent in the male part of the population. In other words, a guy who sees a girl in a miniskirt on the street can fall in love with her legs or in a gait. At the same time, the strength of the feeling that comes can be so great that he will think: "Everything, I fell in love" to death. "

The torment of love

What to do macho, pierced by such a powerful sense of power? Of course, to get acquainted, and if the girl does not mind, then develop and build relationships.

If a guy fell in love with a girl, then all obstacles and obstacles he does not care. Men - beings no less sensitive and vulnerable than women. Therefore, they are so painfully perceived when a girl ignores courtship or does not respond at all. It's good when love is mutual, but it does not happen very often. Therefore, the torments of love have to fully experience the one who does not receive reciprocity.

Dangerous age

As a rule, such strong feelings are experienced by people at a very young age. Love, which they feel, lives as if by itself, because they, because of the immaturity of their psyche, can not yet fully control emotions with reason. Therefore, youthful love is sometimes so tragic and painful. It's no wonder that at this age the guys most often end their lives by suicide because of unrequited love.

How to act to achieve reciprocity?

Imagine that a young man fell in love with a girl. What should he do to be able to be with her? Much depends on the girl herself. That is, whether she is free, has a desire to build relationships, how old is she, with whom she lives, does she know this guy in general and whether he is aware of his feelings. In fact, from such moments, much depends in the perspective of the development of the novel.

After all, if it turns out that she already meets someone or simply does not like the new admirer, then what to do to the one who fell in love with her without memory? It remains to be hoped that she will either part with her knight, or draw attention to another applicant. For this to happen, the latter will have to try.

It will be required in every possible way to achieve the chosen one, to arrange surprises for her, to invite her to places she likes to visit. We need to find out what she lives, what she likes to do, what food she likes, what films and music she watches and listens to. Girls are very fond of when the guys are interested not only in their external data, but also in the fact that they are hiding behind them. That's how you have to act if you fall in love like a child.

Waiting for an answer

While there is no reciprocity, it is necessary for the lover to experience all the "charms" of unrequited love. To wait was not so painful, you just need to translate your focus of attention to another object. For example, you can find an occupation to your liking, resume a hobby if it was abandoned. Very helpful in sports, and any. They will not only benefit from the physical improvement of the body, but also give confidence and vivacity. And these results will never prevent anyone.

Love should give birth to only the best feelings and aspirations. No wonder they say that it makes a person better, kinder, softer, more gentle, more soulful. To achieve the girl, in which he fell in love at first sight, you need to go sometimes to non-standard steps. Women like these men are very fond: they immediately understand that everything is done for them, and who will stand before the beautiful deeds? Previously, the knights fought to death in duels, climbed into the palace windows on smooth steep walls, went on military campaigns for the sake of beautiful ladies.

So, if you fell in love with a woman, so much so that you lost sleep and peace, the only peace of mind will be the opportunity to be near her. And whether it will turn out or not depends solely on the most passionate Pierrot. Or rather, from his persistence (in the framework of propriety, naturally), fantasy, courage and depth of feeling. Women love stubborn men and usually surrender "at the mercy of the winner."

She, he and she

Well, when a strong love overtakes a lonely young man. This is natural, normal and completely fits into the concept of procreation. Such a guy can be congratulated and said that he is lucky. Not everyone can experience the power of love throughout life .

But there are other situations, not so joyful, at least for one side. It's about when a non-ordinary man fell in love with another woman. On the one hand, for him it's a joy, but on the other - a lot of torture.

After all, he understands that in this way he betrays both his "official" woman and the lady of the heart. Men, being in this position, realize that they are hurting all the participants of this love triangle.

Of course, the one that was betrayed is the worst. She is no longer loved, does not want, her place in the heart of a man is taken by an opponent. And while the once expensive woman suffers from uncertainty and betrayal, her beloved person thinks: "What should I do? I fell in love, but I'm married! "

Signs of Love

The dilemma is not easy. It affects the fate of several people. Unfortunately, some and to the happiness of others, almost all married men for the entire time of marriage at least once, but fall in love with women on the side. Some explain this loss of feelings for a faithful wife, others in that they are simply "covered" at the sight of a beautiful, sexy girl. It's interesting, but even 40-year-old men, wise with experience and life, are not able to resist this storm of emotions.

Scientists have long proven that falling in love, especially bright, lightning, is nothing but the result of our biochemical processes that occur in the brain. For this reason, a person simply can not control what is happening to him. He loses sleep, appetite, he does not care for those things that have long been a part of his life. So, the work goes to the side, the man throws his hobby, does not pay attention to his wife. And only one thought pulsates in my head: "What should I do? I fell in love ... But what if it's serious? "

Leave or stay

In this situation, giving advice is a thankless task. No one ever, firstly, listens to them, and secondly, if someone follows them, then he also accuses the adviser of all the troubles that have happened to him.

If you proceed purely for reasons of decency and elementary cleanliness, then the unfree man who fell in love with another lady, or you need to go to her (if it's serious feelings, of course), or to love her exclusively platonic. This may be the answer to the question: "What should I do? I fell in love, but I'm married! "

Love without joy

Even if a man has fallen in love with a girl platonic, but at the same time he continues to live with his wife. Is this true of him? Somehow not very. It turns out that a man must step on his throat own song because of fear to destroy his family or because of moral principles. To share a bed, a life with one, but thoughts to be with another? For a long time no one can survive.

What to do if treason is unacceptable, and how to live in the old way becomes unbearable? There are few options, and you need to choose the most painless for all interested persons. We must understand that by order of the mind to stop loving like that just does not work out right away. Therefore, you just need to wait, so to speak, the active phase of this period. It will last several months, maybe a year. It will end sooner if you do not see the one that almost killed all of life.

That is, we must do everything to not meet with this woman, not to be in the places of her "dwelling". If this is a colleague, then communication should be reduced to zero, and then only on professional topics. Minimizing contacts really helps a lot. But there is still such a thing as thoughts. They arise in the head sometimes without demand, and getting rid of them is difficult. When once again you want to think about this girl, you need to teach yourself to immediately switch your thinking process to another topic. Doing so from time to time, you can completely get rid of unwanted memories, images and other things that does not completely cope with the love obsession.

Pass and this

At first it will seem that there is no power to live without it, that one must go to it, that it is the one and only one, for which it is worth taking a chance, leaving behind everything old. However, these thoughts will soon cease to appear, as will gradually pass that aching, oppressive feeling that the last months did not allow to live peacefully.

Soon, very soon, biochemical processes will stop wandering in the brain, and all experiences, torment and suffering will go to "no." This love can live forever, but love is only one to three years. We just need to wait, but it's also worthwhile not to lose time. Why waste it on meaningless experiences? It will be more productive to plunge headlong into some new business, concentrate on a career, you can go on a trip. By the way, distant wanderings are the best cure for heartaches.

Help from outside

There are also very difficult cases when a person is not able to cope with his obsession on his own. Someone goes for help to friends, and someone also to a psychologist. Often these specialists hear in their offices the question: "Tell me, what should I do? I fell in love, but I can not be with this girl yet. "

Patients with this problem are not uncommon. And they all want one thing - to hear from a specialist some simple and effective advice that would help them cope with this difficult situation. Of course, hoping that it will be so, is simply ridiculous. The psychologist will undoubtedly help to get rid of addiction (a strong love and dependence on another person), but this will take time, because it requires a comprehensive approach. However, one must understand that in the end, no one but the person can help him.

Love without memory. What to do with it?

We often hear in life and from screen characters: "All, guys, I saw and fell in love with her forever." How do young people act in such cases? Who is more pragmatic and brave - immediately come and get acquainted. Some do not dare to do this and pass or drive on. If they think about this girl for several days, they start looking for her around the city. The most desperate can post ads on posts with its signs: with a description of the exterior and the place where the meeting occurred. Asks to help find her, because she fell in love without a memory. And someone keeps this romantic memory and lives on.

If the acquaintance took place, it is not a fact that it will necessarily pass into some other, important stage. Moreover, with close communication the girl can not make such impression, what was at the first meeting. And this is by no means a rarity. Falling in love with some image, you can be very disappointed with what the girl really is. Therefore, of course, you need to communicate in order to understand whether your person is a person or not. After all, sometimes a beautiful face, eyes or feet do not guarantee that everything else will be just as beautiful (human qualities are meant).

Long live love!

It is necessary to fall in love, they say, it is useful for health, prolongs life and makes it more full, colorful and meaningful. The main thing is not to lose yourself in love, because in this format it turns the fate of a person into a nightmare. And this is not love, but dependence, which can not bring joy and creation.

Love at first sight does not guarantee love. To not miss your chance, you need to know the girl closer. And you can just go on: let this bright meeting remain forever in your memory.

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