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What should be the length of curtains in the kitchen, living room, bedroom?

The interior design looks complete with a beautiful design of window openings. Depending on the chosen style of the room, the fabric, fittings and the style of curtains and curtains are selected. A significant detail is their length. A slightly shortish decor or slightly longish can create a sense of spatial inconsistency. From this article you will learn what the length of the tulle and curtains should be in the kitchen and in the living room. And also talk about the relationship of these two elements of the interior.

What should be the length of the curtains

The size and texture of textile fabrics affects the comfort of the room, giving it a shade of luxury. So what should be the length of the curtains from the floor? For each room, their indicators are calculated, depending on the desired result. But there are also basic types of standard indicators:

  • The most practical option is considered to be long linens 5-6 cm above the floor. This length is the most common for flats of high-rise buildings with a height of the canvas from 2.5 m. It is quite practical. Since the bottom of the textile is not smeared. However, there is a drawback - a visual diminution of space.
  • The classical height is the curtains with an indentation of 1 cm from the floor surface. This option is always relevant, as it lengthens the height of the ceiling visually and looks attractive for any texture of the material.
  • Another option - curtains, the bottom of which lies on the floor. To make them to the classical length, add 10-20 cm, depending on the desired result.

That's how long the curtains in the bedroom and living room should be. So, when choosing a heavy dense fabric, you can create a truly luxurious element of the interior. But it should be borne in mind that such a curtain is complicated in care. Because it accumulates dust and animal hair, especially if there are creases in the design.

And how long should there be curtains in the kitchen? Suitable short curtains with a length to the window sill. This kind is also used in the bathroom. When they are sewn, indentations of several centimeters are allowed up or down from the window sill. To make such curtains, light fabrics or tulle are usually used. They are very practical in care and with the right choice of colors will decorate and refresh the room.

When buying textile linens for windows, do not forget about accessories for them. These can be holders, pick-ups for curtains, couches, lambrequins or lifting mechanisms.

We choose curtains for the kitchen

We already knew what the length of the curtains should be in the kitchen. Now let's talk about short curtains. What they have advantages:

  • Minimum material required for their tailoring;
  • Short length allows you to free up a maximum of the surface, including the working surface. Therefore, they are not contaminated during cooking and cleaning;
  • They are simply removed and hung, they are easily erased and quickly dry;
  • Light curtains are good for air and sunlight, which provides full daylight in a small room.

Types of curtains in the kitchen

For kitchen curtains most often choose light bamboo, fabric materials or plastic blinds:

Fabric curtains are made of linen, cotton, satin, organza. This option looks good in the style of country, Provence, Art Deco and others.

Synthetic materials are not inferior in beauty to the natural. But they are better erased and almost do not crumple. And combined fabrics are suitable for sewing curtains on large windows, however such cloths are complex in care.

Curtains for the living room

We have already learned how long the curtains should be in the living room. Now we will consider the theme of paintings for this room. Classic window decor - long curtains. This option is always popular due to its elegance and sophistication.

Long or curtains in the floor visually increase the height of the room, and properly selected texture and pattern can also expand the space. Another great advantage of such a curtain is the ability to mask defects in walls, floors and ceilings, for example, seams, unevennesses or cosmetic miscalculations when gluing wallpapers. Curtains of this type are suitable for decorating rooms in the style of the classic, baroque, empire and others. In addition, they will look great in the bedroom, giving the softness and comfort of the room.

How to calculate the desired length of curtains yourself

We figured out what the length of the curtains should be in the different rooms. But there are standard. And each interior is individual, therefore it is worthwhile to calculate this parameter by yourself.

If you have already chosen the material and are ready to start sewing new curtains, you need to calculate the right amount of cloth. It is not difficult to cope with this, performing certain actions consistently:

  1. First, measure the distance from the ledge and to the floor using a tape measure. Depending on what type of attachment you choose, you will need to add (or take away) a little cloth - 2-10 cm. Consider the density of the textile. It is necessary to add and 2-4 cm for the allowance at the top and bottom of the product.
  2. To calculate the material for the curtains in the floor add 10-20 cm If it is planned that the curtains will hang at some distance from the surface of the parquet, then take away 5-8 cm.
  3. To calculate the material for short curtains, you should perform the same actions, only focusing not on the floor, but on the windowsill.
  4. In the event that the lining is provided for the style, consider the fact that the main fabric is slightly stitched. Therefore, add 2-4 cm to the calculation of the main tissue.

Another tip. Measure the length and width at five points. This is necessary to avoid distortions due to uneven surfaces of walls, ceiling, floor and window opening.

Let's go without making mistakes!

How to avoid mistakes? Listen to the following recommendations:

  1. Expensive drape fabric often has an original finish. Consider this fact, so that the finished product demonstrates it and emphasizes it.
  2. Curtains that touch the floor or lie on it must have a neat decorative appearance. Otherwise they will look like an error in the calculation of tissue. It is desirable that in this case there was a beautiful drapery.
  3. Immediately consider the availability of accessories. The curtain, fixed by pick-ups, requires accurate calculations of the material so that the end result does not look scant.
  4. Correlate the curtain pattern with the general interior design. For example, a large pattern of curtains visually reduce the room. In this case, the small elongated decor will extend its height. If the wallpaper on the walls have a large pattern, then the curtains are better to choose monochrome, and vice versa.
  5. Correctly combine color solutions - it will favorably emphasize the style of the interior and, accordingly, the taste of the hostess.


Now you know what the length of the curtains should be in the different rooms. There are many varieties of curtains of different length, texture and purpose. Do not rush to make a choice for your premises and plunge deeper into this beautiful world of textiles. Then it turns out to choose the perfect, incomparable, your own version, which will become the main decoration and completion of your interior style!

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