What is the difference between a balcony and a loggia? Basic moments

Such structures as loggia and balcony are very similar not only externally, but also in terms of the functions of the architectural elements of the building facade. For all that, there are differences between them. The balcony is a construction with a cantilever type, it is carried forward from the wall. The balcony is covered with a metal parapet. The facade of the building is in contact with the construction of only one wall.

In its turn, the loggia is a platform, which is surrounded by walls on three sides, and the parapet is located on only one side. The shape of the parapet depends on the designer's idea. Its line can be straight or curved, which makes the loggia look very original. Another important point, what distinguishes the balcony from the loggia, is in the square. If in the latter case it is relatively large, then at the balconies of some buildings it is so small that their function is reduced only to decorative.

Traditionally, it is believed that the availability of a loggia is more preferable. This is an additional place for rest, breeding flowers or storing things, and if you add its area to the area of the room and insulate it, the space will increase significantly. Therefore, when designing an apartment building or a country cottage, you need to weigh all the pros and cons before making a decision when choosing what will decorate the facade - a balcony or a loggia.

The presence of a balcony also provides an opportunity for storing things, planting indoor plants and rest, but one must be very careful, since its cantilever design and a small area do not allow placing too heavy cabinets or furniture. Load should be minimal to prevent collapse. From the conclusions about what distinguishes the balcony from the loggia, there should not be a decision to completely abandon housing with balconies, since they also have their advantages. A well-planned useful area can be quite functional. Here you can organize not only places for storing supplies, but also for drying clothes and a couple of chairs for rest.

On the question of how the balcony differs from the loggia, you can answer so - yes, almost nothing. They perform almost the same functions, but in different areas. And what to choose, this is already a matter of taste and personal preferences.

The additional area in the form of a loggia or a balcony is very tempting. And making this area useful is a very important task. It's about warming. Glazing of balconies and loggias will allow to maintain in the apartment a constant comfortable temperature in the cold season and create a favorable atmosphere for growing seedlings of cultivated plants in spring. Moreover, together with the glazing you can think about creating a storage system. The materials used for this are light and strong. Therefore, what distinguishes the balcony from the loggia, will not play a role, since reliable PVC profiles are suitable for any type of construction. And especially for small areas are installed folding chairs and installation for drying clothes, which are used when necessary. Functionality depends on the imagination of designers who skillfully use even the most compact space.

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