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What is intelligence and how it develops

Due to the fact that a variety of technologies are currently actively developing, in this review it is worthwhile to talk about what intelligence is.

It is unlikely that any person can tell others that he is not sufficiently developed intellectually. Agree that we all consider ourselves smart. But this does not mean that there is no interest in this issue. Rather, even on the contrary, there is interest, and many if not trying to develop intelligence, then at least they want to keep it for as long as possible.

What is hidden under this term?

So, what is the intellect of man? This word means the totality of some human abilities, thanks to which it becomes possible to reason intelligently, to process information, to assimilate various knowledge and apply them in the practical field. That's what intelligence is. The definition of such a plan seems understandable to any of us, but for some reason it does not become easy to describe it.

Important components

What processes are components? The development of intelligence relies more on cognitive processes and begins with the birth of a person. Recall that the cognitive processes include perception, memory, thinking and imagination. In this chain it is important to consider that much depends on attention. His absence will not allow a person to perceive, think and remember.

If we talk about memory, attention and perception, then they develop constant waves, then speeding up, then slowing down the pace. It depends on how actively the person uses it. Here you can learn some details for the development of human intelligence. Constantly loading his memory and attention, while building logical chains of reasoning, attracting always new sensations and expanding the areas of his perception, we thus maintain our mental abilities and intellect in an active state.

One of the most striking components that can help answer the question what is a person's intelligence is awareness. Let's say there is a talented person who could successfully realize himself, becoming a professional in some area. This person understands and knows very much in his specialization. But he may not be as knowledgeable in any other field, but no one will call him an unintellectual person. If we recall Sherlock Holmes, he did not even know that the Earth moves around the Sun.

Therefore, it is our duty as people to constantly expand our awareness and knowledge of the new. We need to show interest in various areas of activity. Then our mind will not stop in development, and we will become people with a high level of intelligence. At the end of the review of this aspect of the mind, one can quote one of Socrates' sayings: "I know that I do not know anything."

Sensitive period in development

Each of the above processes to some extent determines what intelligence is. It must necessarily develop to some extent, and in certain periods the process of cognition occurs very quickly, and a person makes a huge leap in his development. Psychologists call this period sensitive.

Babies such a jerk provide a feeling. Children listen and carefully examine the surrounding space, touch objects, try to taste everything they see. Thanks to this, the child has the very first experience and primary knowledge is formed.

For imagination, a sensitive period will be preschool age. Surely, many noticed that children in 5-6 years are quite strong and much fantasize about different topics. And all thought processes intensively develop at school age.

Child's mind

Also there is one amazing fact that many fathers will not want to hear. The intellect of the child is transmitted to him from the mother, since the intelligence gene is derived from the X chromosome. This tells us that smart children should be born in marriage and intellectually developed women.

But, naturally, it's not just about genes. There are other factors that determine the level of intelligence. For example, the environment in which the child will be, education, and at the very beginning - the stimulation of his activity.

The good news is that these factors are modified and do not assume the influence of heredity. This implies that even if you do not have the "necessary" genes, you can look at the modifiable factors of development. Maybe they can help you develop the child's intelligence.

To fully answer the question of what intelligence is, you need to consider its main types. With them we come across in everyday life, we often hear names and in this article we will try to understand some of them.

Emotional intellect

What is emotional intelligence? This term means the ability to understand, define, use and manage emotions in a constructive and positive direction in order to reduce stress, effectively communicate with the environment, empathize with others, constantly overcoming difficulties and conflicts. This intellect has an impact on different aspects of everyday life. For example, how you behave or interact with other people.

With high emotional intelligence, you can recognize your own state and the condition of other people, interact with them, relying on these data, and thus attract them to yourself. You can also use this ability to form healthy relationships with people, to achieve success at work and simply to have a more positive attitude towards others.

Creating an artificial mind

It is worth mentioning what is artificial intelligence. The very first works dedicated to him appeared right after the Second World War, and the term became famous in 1956. Artificial intelligence in terms of importance put on a par with molecular biology. And yet, what is artificial intelligence? This direction in science, which was born at the time when the creation of computers (as they used to be called "intelligent machines") and computer programs began. Artificial intelligence is not inherent in man, but in machines. Now a phrase of this nature can be heard very often when buying things like a car, smart phones, etc.

What is social reason?

Consider what social intelligence is. His ability is to correctly understand people's behavior. It is necessary for the most effective communication and successful adaptation in the society. The study of this intelligence is carried out by specialists in the field of psychology.

Practical aspects of the mind

If we consider what intelligence is in psychology, then its relationship with management becomes obvious. This is also called practical intelligence. He spent quite a long time outside the research area, because he was considered too aggressive, inferior and simple type, not worthy of attention. The difficulty of his research lies in the fact that all the experiments connected with it can not take place in the laboratory and must be analyzed in natural conditions. Practical intelligence in many areas exceeds theoretical, but it has some unique features.

"Move wisps", or think, is another task of our mind. In our time of information technology, we are always faced with a huge flow of information. Today's technology has given us new activities and unfamiliar technical means. Therefore, do not be afraid to learn all the technical innovations and be constantly aware of their entry to the market. If you are striving to develop intelligence, under no circumstances should you confine yourself to the limited environment of already mastered adaptations and materials.

Verbal intelligence

What is verbal intelligence? It is the ability to analyze and synthesize verbal judgments, to delve into the meaning of words, to have a rich semantic-conceptual basis. Now many people are interested in studying foreign languages. This is a wonderful technique for developing your memory. Here you are both remembering, remembering, and recognizing. Memory has these reproduction processes. Therefore, if they are constantly in working order, then the effect of forgetting practically disappears. Learning languages helps to develop verbal intelligence, in particular, the ability to handle verbal material.

In what ways can you develop your mind?

It is worth letting your imagination work as actively as it worked in childhood. Perhaps you have a talent for writing, which just slumbers and has not woken up yet. Write a couple of stories or poems. Fantasize on the topic of your future plans, but do not limit yourself to any specific framework. It will also be useful to communicate with children, because the experience in fantasy will immediately recover. Undoubtedly, the best teachers in the field of imagination are children.

Perception can develop only if you use several channels: auditory, tactile, taste, olfactory and visual. If you use all the receptors, then the perception and memorization of the surrounding world will be very easy and interesting. That's why great experiences bring travel. Day after day travelers remember a lot of different details that they can tell their grandchildren. And all because of traveling, we look at everything through wide eyes, listen to new sounds, breathe in the scents of unknown places and get an incredible number of new sensations.

But even without traveling, you can activate your channels of perception in simple and accessible ways. This is a trip to a pleasant massage, a simple evening walk through the park, a visit to a variety of art exhibitions and regular exercise. Even if you just cook new dishes every week, you will favorably influence the development of your perception.

Magic list that will help to develop the intellect throughout life

1. Increase your awareness in something as often as possible: watch, be interested, find out.

2. Use memory as much as possible: teach poems and stories, memorize new words and be open to learning new languages.

3. Constantly load your thought processes: analyze, summarize information, solve problems, find cause-effect relationships in everything that is interesting.

4. Open new technologies: study novelties of technical means, opportunities of the Internet and ways of its realization in it.

5. Give yourself presents in the form of new sensations: night and day walks, sports activities, new, previously uncharted dishes, travel. All this can help.

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