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What is a monument to Pushkin in St. Petersburg, the work of Anikushin

Pushkin is not in vain called "the sun of Russian poetry." To overestimate its role in the development of our art is difficult, and it's not just literature. Yes, Alexander Sergeevich in his work outlined, as a dotted line, the ways in which the lyrics and prose of the second half of the 19th century and the whole of the 20th developed. And in the works of modern times we meet direct calls with Pushkin, a reminiscence from him from Pelevin, Tolstoy and other authors. And remember the wonderful romances for his poems, operas based on novels and stories, fairy tales, music to which the most prominent Russian composers wrote - Tchaikovsky, Glinka, Dargomyzhsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Sviridov! And pictures and illustrations of the best native artists to Pushkin's lines! A dramatic production and television movies! Thus, all our art is permeated with Pushkin's genius, as the world of God is permeated by the sun's rays, giving light, peace, and peace.

Monuments to Pushkin

The memory of the great poet - grateful and tremulous - lives in people's hearts. And not only Russians honor their great tribe. Across the world, in different countries, in towns and villages, its name is called streets and squares, avenues and squares. And monuments are installed.

They are in every former Soviet republic. There are in Western and Eastern Europe, on the African and Asian continents. Suffice it to recall the remarkable monument to Pushkin in St. Petersburg (by Anikushin), the magnificent monument in Moscow of Opekshin's work. In Vienna (Austria), in the Favoriten district, in 1999 an interesting sculpture of our poet in the city park was installed. It was created by our contemporary, talented master of his craft Yu. G. Orekhov. His work also decorates one of the squares of the capital of Azerbaijan - Baku. Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Ethiopia, South Korea ... Geographical spaces can be listed for a very, very long time. For example, only in small Moldova, 9 monuments and busts are installed in its different regions. In total, there are almost 200 of them around the world. But perhaps one of the most successful is the monument to Pushkin in St. Petersburg, located on the Arts Square.

Description of the monument

"Hello, tribe, young, unfamiliar!" - it is these lines come to mind when you see the figure of the poet, towering on a granite pedestal. His right hand is thrown back, as if in a welcoming gesture. A disobedient curly strand falls on the forehead. The face is illuminated by inspiration and intense creative thought. Lips whisper cherished words - this is the monument to Pushkin in St. Petersburg. Anikushin surprisingly managed to convey the plasticity and liveliness of Alexander Sergeevich's pose, the vigor and impetuous movements. They are felt in the forward leg as well - it seems that the poet now easily descends from the pedestal and steps among us along the streets of St. Petersburg - and in the open field of his summer coat, and in the trembling tips of the neck scarf. The monument to Pushkin in St. Petersburg Anikushin's work is romantic, beautiful, exalted, like the very poetry of the great Alexander.

It is interesting

The sculptor was not alone working on the project, but in tandem with the architect VA Petrov. The figure of the poet is made of bronze, the height of it is 4 meters. The sculpture was born immediately, in St. Petersburg - then Leningrad, at the factory. Almost eight-meter high rises above the square of AS Pushkin. The monument is mounted on a pedestal, for which a granite block of red, about 4 meters in height, was used. Obtained it in the suburbs of the northern capital. The base is made of bounded granite. The front side of the pedestal is decorated with a gold inscription - "Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin." The sculpture is executed in the spirit of classical monumentalism, that is why it harmoniously fits into the architectural ensemble of the Square of Arts. It stands AS Pushkin (monument) next to the State Russian Museum - against its background.

A few words about the history of creation

Starting to realize his plan, Anikushin noted that he was striving to depict the poet in such a way that the sun and joy would flow from him. And the great sculptor did it! If you compare other monuments to Pushkin, photos of which are presented in this article, you can see how much the Anikushinsky version is close to the original. The sculptor re-read the poet's works, carefully studied his self-portraits, works of contemporary artists. His main task was to give the image maximum dynamic, liveliness and to convey a moment of creative insight. The monument to Pushkin in St. Petersburg is rightfully considered one of the best works of Anikushin. In this sculpture he embodied his creative credo: monumentality is realized through the depth of thought and the accuracy of forms.

Opening of the monument

In the early 50-ies started a master to work on the project. It dragged on for several years. During this time, Anikushin made several more monuments to Pushkin, established in Moscow and Leningrad. When the monument for the Square of Arts was ready and accepted by the art commission, the author himself was not satisfied with the final result. At his own expense, he casts another model, more appropriate to his idea of the poet. The grand opening of the monument was held on June 18, in 1957. From that time Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin welcomed us ...

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