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The monument to Gogol in St. Petersburg: the history of creation

All the favorite Russian classic Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol still remains an intriguing and mystical person. And before we start discussing the monument to Gogol in St. Petersburg (photo of which can be seen in this article), we find out what connects him to this beautiful, but frightening and cloudy city for him. To do this, we will digress a bit into his well-known biographical data.

So, this brilliant man was born in Sorochintsy Mirgorodsky district on April 1, 1809. His noble family Gogol-Yanovsky was very old and believing. Parents gave the son a name in honor of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. At first the young Gogol was sent to one of the local teachers in Poltava, then he moved to the city of Nezhin in the Chernigov region and studied there in the gymnasium of the higher sciences. His first works he signed pseudonym V. Alov.

Petersburg in the life of a writer

And now we come very close to the fact that the monument to Gogol in St. Petersburg was created absolutely not by chance. This city became for him a real school of survival, which greatly shook him and so weak health. In December 1828 (the writer at the time was 19 years old), he moved to St. Petersburg, where he wanted to realize all his literary plans and undertakings. But the big city met him completely unhappy, but all because Gogol's modest means did not allow him to turn around, and his dreams came true, but not as quickly as he had planned. He wrote home letters, mixed with disappointment and a vague hope for a better future. But gradually Gogol began to break through and experiment. At first he tried to enter the theater, then become an official and engage in literature.

Unhappy life

As a result, despite all his attempts, the actors did not accept him. Life was monotonous and empty and, in general, was too unbearable for his delicate and vulnerable psyche. And only a love of literature and writing became a salvation and the only opportunity for self-expression. For some time Gogol kept in the company of his fellow countrymen, former comrades. After all, he immediately noticed that Little Russia in the secular Petersburg public is particularly vivid and interesting. Because of the failures and failures he experienced, the poetic thoughts turned the writer to his native land. And they poured into a collection of remarkable stories "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka" (1829-1832).

The monument to Gogol in St. Petersburg: history

In 1952, the city authorities of the former capital had an idea to build a monument to Gogol in honor of the 100th anniversary of his death. We chose a place - Manege Square, which was located next to Nevsky Prospekt, where they laid the first mortar stone. However, more than one decade will pass, when they will return to this issue. But the monument will be in a completely different place. Its opening will take place on December 8, 1997. Initiators this time will be the Association "Club" Nevsky Prospekt ". The construction was carried out not only at their expense, but also with the support of other public organizations and enterprises, with a list of which can be found on the reverse side of the monument. The author of the project was Belov Mikhail, a student of Anikushin MK - a famous St. Petersburg sculptor, creator of the monument to Pushkin.

This beautiful monument was erected on the ancient cobblestone street of St. Petersburg, the first pedestrian, which was called Malaya Konyushennaya. This name - its native age-old, but in the 18th century it was replaced by Christmas, then in the Soviet time it turned into the street of Sofya Perovskaya. The former name returned to her only in 1992.


The monument to Gogol in St. Petersburg in height is slightly less than 5 meters (pedestal - 1.5 meters, figure - 3.4 meters). The pedestal is made of granite stone from the Vyborg Stone-Carving Quarry. All other work on the stone, its cutting and polishing was done by the St. Petersburg stone-making workshop of A.V. Rytov. The monument is decorated with lanterns located nearby, which harmoniously connect it with the magnificent landscape of the city. They were made by the founders of Aspect.

When you look at the monument to Nikolai Gogol in St. Petersburg, a feeling is created that this is an illustration of the words from the story "Nevsky Prospect", the writer said: "Oh, do not believe this Nevsky Prospekt!" Russian literature will allow the nearby museum of N. V. Gogol, which was organized by the local association of homeowners and the International Club of Petersburgers. The museum is located on Malaya Konyushennaya street, 1. Although there are no original manuscripts and things of the writer, creative nights are held where you can talk about literature and works of the writer, and also watch the screen version of his masterpieces.

The monument to Gogol in St. Petersburg: address

You can get to the monument through the metro station "Nevsky Prospekt". Then we must go 100 meters on the way to the Admiralty. Then, on the right side, go down another 50 meters to Malaya Konyushennaya, 9.

The monument to Gogol in St. Petersburg was posed as a recognition and reverence by the townspeople of Gogol's creativity, which dedicated to the city his cycle of works "Petersburg Stories". In this place was a special period of his work.

He stands with arms crossed over his chest, in a long cloak. His head is slightly turned to the left, the look is thoughtful and anxious. The writer is immersed in the idea of writing his new immortal work.

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