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What drink with whiskey: perfect combinations

Traditions of drinking spirits in Russia are not the same as in England or Ireland. There they can drink a glass of wine before dinner or a glass of whiskey after, while the same quantity of drunk is determined only by the abilities of the guests and the finances of the owners. What do they drink from whiskey? This is an ambiguous question - the choice depends not only on the type of drink, but also on the preferences of the guests.

What drink from whiskey in Europe and the US

Ireland and Scotland, with their long traditions of making "water of life", managed to acquire some preferences in combining a noble drink with suitable liquids. The United States, despite its not so long history, also acquired a couple of three ideas. Well, in Russia, their traditions - feasts without abundant food are as rare as non-drinkers at all.

Most often, whiskey is mixed with liquids such as:

  • water;
  • ice;
  • Cola;
  • tea;
  • coffee;
  • Cocktails from alcohol and non-alcoholic components.


This is exactly what scots drink Scotch. Water makes the taste softer and reduces the strength. The amount of the additive varies from a few drops to a ratio of 50 to 50 - here all decide individual preferences, as well as the strength and taste of a particular beverage.

Opponents of such dilution point out that whiskey has already been diluted with water when bottled. Adding the extra liquid when serving causes an imbalance in the taste and aroma of the drink due to differences in the chemical composition of the water from the buyer and the manufacturer.


This is another version of what they drink whiskey, Scotch, Irish or whatever - it does not matter. This combination gives the closest to the original flavor. To get a good taste of the drink, you need to add two or three ice cubes to the classic Old Fashion, splash a bit of whiskey and slowly savor the smooth conversation during a pleasant company.

Carbonated drinks: cola, pepsi, soda

Whiskey and soda are a favorite drink of gangsters and "hard nuts" in American fighters. Under the name "soda" is not quite ordinary soda: it includes citric acid and soda. Traditional whiskey and soda came from America, and the cocktail is very popular all over the world. It is assumed that it appeared to smooth out the oily taste of bourbon.

However, the list of what Americans drink from whiskey is not limited to soda. A very popular combination is whiskey with cola.

This means, of course, the original "Coca-Cola" or, as an option, "Pepsi-Cola" - it allows you to neutralize the shortcomings of not too good alcohol. Because with this mixing, alcohol absorbs into the blood much faster, this recipe is a find for those who decided to get drunk quickly and cheaply.

Coffee and tea

Everyone knows Irish coffee - a popular Irish cocktail, which includes coffee, whiskey and cream. The combination of only two components - "water of life" and coffee - is also quite good taste.

The second thing that they drink from whiskey is tea. This combination is great for quickly warming up after a walk in the frost. A popular cocktail in Ireland is hot tea with honey and whiskey. In China, in the course of a slightly different recipe - green tea is drunk with whiskey and ice, but not for taste. According to the Chinese, this mixture does not cause a hangover.


Mixtures are a sign of bad taste. That's what people think of themselves as true connoisseurs of whiskey. Nevertheless, there are cocktails, moreover, they are very popular. Combinations of what is drunk with whiskey around the world are presented below.

"Creamy viskar"

For this cocktail you will need:

  • 50 grams of whiskey;
  • A piece of dark chocolate;
  • Sugar syrup (approximately 10 ml);
  • Vanilla ice cream - 150 grams or 4 balls (medium size);
  • 15 ml of 33% cream;
  • ice.

The drink is served in a wine glass or in any glass with a capacity of 250-300 ml. It must be filled with ice to the top. Syrup, ice cream, cream and whiskey add to the blender and mix. Pour into a glass with ice, decorate with a piece of chocolate and drink through a straw.

Whiskey Sour

This cocktail is very popular in America. For him, you can use bourbon or single malt whiskey. Instead of lemon juice, orange juice is also suitable.

Components :

  • 40 grams of whiskey;
  • 20 grams of lemon juice or orange fresh;
  • 20 grams of sugar syrup;
  • A few ice cubes.

Add all ingredients to the shaker, mix, serve in a glass of Old Fashion, which is pre-filled with ice cubes.

Cocktail "Dry Manhattan"

The classic recipe for this drink includes 60 ml of rye whiskey, 30 ml of red sweet vermouth and a couple drops of bitter "Angostura". A cocktail is prepared in a glass for mixing with a bar spoon, and then served in a cocktail glass ("martin") with a sieve (strainer).

The glass for mixing should be filled with ice half. List the ingredients added from above, stir in a bar spoon, strain into a "martin". Decorate with lemon zest or cherry maraschino. Instead of rye whiskey, bourbon can also be used, but in this case the ratio is different: 75 ml of bourbon and 25 ml of vermouth.

Whiskey without additives

And with what to drink whiskey? Experts will say: "Straight!" (That is, without additives). This is how it is worth to drink quality high-quality varieties, otherwise the taste and aroma of a noble drink will pass by. Experts advise to taste the worth of that whiskey, observing some simple recommendations:

  • The temperature of the drink when served should be 18-20 ° C - if higher, then alcohol will be felt too sharply, if lower - the aroma will not be felt.
  • Professional tasters use special glasses that resemble wine. At home, you can take the same, zauzhivayuschiesya up, or served according to tradition - in Old Fashion.

For cooling directly in the glass use special stones for whiskey. As a material for them is used steatite, schungite, granite or steel, in Siberia for this purpose use nephrite. If the stones are kept in a refrigerator before being placed in a glass, they will cool the drink. If you do not do this and add them to hot tea or coffee, they will keep the beverage warm.

And one more component of what to drink whiskey - a snack. Traditions both in Ireland and Scotland, and in the United States suggest that they consume the drink after eating, and not with it, so the idea of a snack looks somewhat strange. However, this does not mean that the "water of life" does not fit into anything. The inhabitants of Japan successfully combine whiskey from the land. To soft varieties (many of which are Irish) you can serve smoked fish.

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