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What does the shaking chin of a newborn say?

The shaking chin of a newborn in the official medicine is called the word "tremor" - this term denotes all the muscle contractions that occur involuntarily. In general, this symptom is considered quite common among infants - it indicates a not completely formed nervous and endocrine systems. In addition, a child's chin can often tremble during a strong emotional excitement, for example, after crying. Usually, this manifestation is accompanied by unconscious twitching of the hands.

Possible reasons

Shaky chin in a newborn you will not notice when the baby is in a calm state. However, if it hurts, scary, he wants to eat or is dissatisfied with something, the tremor catches his eye. The reason for this phenomenon is that the infant's nervous system develops gradually enough. In particular, the nerve centers responsible for coordinating movements are activated from birth to three to four months. Surely you paid attention to the fact that small children cry somehow "especially" - with an anguish, enthusiastically. This looks frightening, but it is explained quite simply: norepinephrine (a hormone produced by the endocrine glands) is not controlled by the center of the brain. When the baby comes into a strong excitement, the whole of his nervous system reacts. Hence the muscle tone. Therefore, if the child's chin is shaking after crying, observe him: if as the baby calms down, the tick stops, you have no cause for concern. However, if there is hypertension, be sure to show your child's pediatrician.


As a rule, such a problem as the shaking chin of a newborn disappears without a trace by three months. However, why is the nervous system in some children constantly excited, while others react to the irritants sluggishly? Pediatricians argue that the type of temperament plays an important role: it turns out that in infancy it is possible to determine what kind of character a little man is endowed with, and who he will be in adulthood: apathetic phlegmatic, sad melancholy or hot-tempered choleric.

Deviations in development

Do not forget that in some cases, the shaking chin of a newborn is considered a symptom that the baby does not develop fast enough. The accompanying signs, which should be paid attention, is an anxious sleep and twitching of the entire head. For preventive maintenance doctors advise to bathe the baby in warm jars with chamomile and valerian, and also to do a special massage for him.


To develop a tremor there are a number of prerequisites. For example, if a month's child has a chin jolting, most likely, he was born prematurely. It is not accidental that pregnant women are advised not to be nervous, to avoid any stresses - this can also become a provoking factor, as the mother's experiences are transmitted to the fetus. Severe births associated with hypoxia (for example, if the fruit is wrapped around the umbilical cord) adversely affect the brain, which is also considered one of the causes of tremor.


Of course, the best thing about the tremor is to turn to a pediatric neurologist. However, if you do not have such an opportunity for any reason, use the folk remedies. Excellent helps, for example, a light massage of the whole body with the use of oil, as well as daily bathing in warm water.

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