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How to draw Mikimouse beautifully?

Mickey Mouse is the most popular character of Disney cartoons, he likes many thanks to his kind and cheerful disposition. Children often want to portray it, but not at all it turns out. In such cases, they turn to their parents, and they have the question: "How to draw Mikimaus?" To do this, the skills gained in school will be useful. We will learn how to draw a multgeroy, which stands half-turned with arms spread out in the sides.

Consider how to draw Mikimaus, in stages. We take a whole sheet of paper and approximately determine for ourselves the proportions of the future character.

How to draw Mikimouse

At the first stage, at the top of the sheet, draw a circle - this is the head. Inside the circle we draw two lines, one vertically, the other horizontally. These lines should be slightly arched to give the future head volume. And the vertical line should be drawn closer to the right side of the circle.

Further from the head down a curved line departs. This is the backbone of Mickey Mouse. At the bottom of the spine draw a smaller circle - the lower part of the trunk. It should be slightly smaller than the circle that we drew for the head. Now we "dress" the curved line of the spine into the frame of two lines on the sides. Thus, the head and trunk are ready.

There are several options for how to draw Mikimaus, some are harder, others are easier. We will use a simplified version, so in the third stage on both sides of the trunk we draw the lines - handles, from the lower part of the trunk also draw down two lines - these are the future legs of Mickey Mouse. Carefully follow the proportions of the character, so it does not work out with long legs or hands. These lines are also outlined with contours, giving them a volume. On the hands of prisisovyvaem small circles-palms. The fingers on Mickey Mouse's arms are closed and pointing down. To the left foot we draw a circle - it's a pretty little slipper, to the right one - an oval. It turns out that Mickey Mouse is as if half-turned.

At the fourth stage we proceed to the most responsible part, namely to the head. Here it is necessary to sit longer. Do not forget that the head is divided into four concave lines. Draw one circle (eyelet) above the vertical line. The second ear is represented on the left, next to the horizontal line. At the intersection of the lines draw the left eye, the right one is located close to the right edge of the circle. Inside each eye below draw small ovals, paint them in black pencil. Above the eyes, we represent eyebrows. From the lower third of the vertical line draw an oval - the nose of Mickey Mouse in profile. The nose line connects with the mouth line. On the tip of the nose, we draw a small oval. Now we trace the contour of the muzzle. These are two semicircles above the eyes, which connect with round cheeks.

Final stage

Well, we have figured out how to draw Mikimaus, and only add some elements. It is necessary to erase all the auxiliary lines and depict the shorts. To them on the left, draw a long thin tail.

The ears and the upper part of the head should be painted in black pencil. Hands, legs and torso should also be black, with white shorts, boots and gloves left.


Now your child knows how to draw Mikimausa in pencil, and if necessary, can teach his friends. Such skills develop in children a sense of confidence in their abilities, and also increase their authority among peers.

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