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Ukrainian artist-travesty Artem Semenov: biography, creativity and personal life

Artem Semenov is a bright and attractive guy with unique vocal characteristics. He became famous for his participation in the show of talents on the Ukrainian TV channel. Do you want to know more about this man? The article contains the necessary information.

Artem Semenov, biography: childhood and adolescence

He was born on February 1, 1986 in one of the largest Ukrainian cities - Krivoy Rog. His parents have nothing to do with music and the stage. Father Artem works as a machinist. And his mother is a professional chef.

From an early age our hero was surrounded by creative people. At the age of 8, his parents gave Artem to a music school, where he studied piano. Then the teacher and found the boy an extraordinary voice.

From the age of 9 the topic was a participant in the children's church choir. Parents were proud of the success of his son. Later he entered the local music school. In 2003, the guy graduated from this institution, receiving the profession of regent.

Behind the shoulders of our hero is training at the Krivoy Rog Musical College and the Conservatory (Lviv).

Creative way

In 2007 Artem Semenov moved to Kiev. Initially, a native of Krivoy Rog earned money, speaking in restaurants. But soon he was invited to a new musical project - the band DejaVu. The local audience took the duo's performances perfectly. However, our hero wanted to further advance in his career.

In 2009 Artem Semenov went to the show "Ukraine is talent". Before the jury and the audience, he appeared in a female image. The guy introduced himself as Diva Ursula. Confessional-sublime singing Artem did not leave anyone indifferent. A talented guy who tried on a female image, managed to reach the finale. Based on the results of the audience vote, he took 2nd place. Semyonov was not upset at all. After all, during the time he took part in the project, he had a whole army of fans.

Our hero is a unique artist. He can sing both the female soprano and the male tenor. People with similar voice data are not so many around the world. In the repertoire of Artem there are opera parts, romances and songs of contemporary authors. The young man does not stop there. He continues to improve his vocals.

Personal life

Many people are sure that Artem Semenov is a representative of sexual minorities. Our hero claims that this is not so. Artem likes bright, confident and independent girls. While on the horizon did not meet a worthy pretender to his heart. For the sake of true love, Semenov is ready to give up his scandalous image - Diva Ursula. Like all men, he dreams of children.

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