Triangular French: Manicure Ideas

French manicure, or a jacket, as it has long been called, is one of the most popular types of manicure. For a long time girls have been experimenting with him, coming up with new varieties of it. So, the triangular jacket became very popular. This is not surprising. After all, such a manicure is easy enough to do, but it looks very impressive and original.

Ways to create

In general, you can make a triangular jacket in three ways:

  • The first - with the help of special stencils;
  • The second - using scotch tape;
  • The third - with the help of a thin brush.

Which option is suitable, the girl should choose herself. Naturally, the simplest way is the first option. After stencils are designed specifically for manicure. Therefore, it is convenient to work with them. The latter method requires a certain amount of experience and skill. Therefore, if the girl is not sure of her abilities, then she should resort to the help of special tools.

The first variant of creating a manicure with a triangle

So, to make a triangular jacket, you will need:

- Two color varnishes, in harmony with each other. For example, it can be yellow and black, or red and white.
- Stencils for creating lines.

First you need to trim the length of the nails, making them the same. Also it is necessary to remove the keratinized skin areas, that is, to remove the cuticle. Eliminate the old skin with manicure tweezers. Do this carefully so as not to get hurt. The simpler way is to simply move the pre-steamed cuticle to the base of the nails. This can be done with the help of an orange stick.

Creative process of creating a manicure

Having finished with the preparation, you need to cover the nails with a transparent varnish-base, which will not only strengthen the plates, but also make them much more even.

Taking the varnish, which will be the main one, it is necessary to cover all the nails with it. When the layer dries, you can glue the stencils. After that, the tips of the nails are covered with a second varnish, and the stencils are carefully removed. Here the manicure is finished. Now it is necessary to cover the nail plates with a clear varnish, so that the pattern will last as long as possible.
Very nice looks triangular jacket on square nails. It is created by the same principle. The colors for a nail art can be completely different.

Interesting, stylish manicure: a jacket triangular pink

To make the manicure more unusual, you can use just two colors to create triangles. For example, it can be light pink and dark pink varnishes. Decorating nails with colored triangles can be as follows:
Having painted a plate with a transparent varnish and having waited for its complete drying, it is necessary to take an adhesive tape and to stick to them all nail, having left free only the top part. In this case, the adhesive tape is glued diagonally.

It is necessary for the free part to be in the form of a triangle. Painting it with a light pink varnish, you need to remove the scotch. Then you need to glue your nails again. At the same time, another part of the tip of the nail should remain free. It should be painted with a dark pink varnish. This way you will get a gentle and interesting triangular jacket.

Another variant

You can experiment with colors and shades. And instead of pink, you can use black and white lacquers. The method of application is no different, but such contrast is immediately evident. Decorate your nails with black rhinestones, by placing them along the white triangle line.

French jacket with a triangular smile line

Very interesting is a jacket, in which the acute angle of the triangles looks down, that is, on the lower edge of the nails. Create it is very simple, all you need is:

- blue and black varnishes;
- thin strips of scotch.

Create a beautiful pattern on the nails

First, the nails are completely covered with blue lacquer. When they dry, two sheets of adhesive tape should be glued on the plates. To make it it is necessary so that one intersected with another, forming on a line of a smile a triangle. Next, you need to paint the resulting geometric shapes with black lacquer and, without waiting for the drying of the varnish, remove the adhesive strips. That's all, manicure is ready.

French on the contrary

Like the usual French manicure, a triangular jacket can be made on the contrary, so that the triangles are not located on top, but from below.

This manicure looks very unusual and spectacular. Especially if bright colors of lacquer were used.

To make such a manicure, you will need:

- red or orange varnish;
- triangular stencils.

Stages of creating a manicure at home

By painting the nails with a transparent (or white) lacquer and waiting for it to dry completely, you can glue the triangular stencils. This should be done so that the hole was free. Having finished, you need to cover part of the nails, which is above the stencil. This results in a manicure with clearly expressed transparent or white triangles. Neil-art looks very stylish.

A small conclusion

Of course, there are many variants of a triangular jacket. Any girl can try to create just a unique manicure, decorating the triangles with sparkles, beads and other decorative elements. There are also no restrictions on the choice of colors. So do not be afraid to experiment, creating the most amazing combination. Good luck in this creative work.

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