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The Vazuza River is the right tributary of the Volga

The Vazuza River is the right tributary of the Volga. It flows through the Smolensk and Tver regions of the European part of Russia.

On this river and the Gzhati tributary during the time of Peter the Great, St. Petersburg delivered construction materials. Sychevsky merchants, trading, smuggled bread, resin, hemp and flax.


The name of the river came from its main destination, "Vazuza is a river through which goods are delivered."

The river Vazuza takes its beginning on the Smolensk Upland, its northern slopes, near the village of Marino. The length is 162 km. Its waters are replenished from 6 right and 4 left tributaries. The narrow and shallow valley, along which the river flows for the first 30 km, passes into the moraine-free morainic plain.

The banks are high and hilly, only here and there are small copses. The river Vazuza with clear water has a sandy bottom, sometimes there is rubble on it.

Only in the city of Sychevka Vazuza turns into a large river with a width of up to 30 m. Near Zubtsov in the late 70s a dam was built, which formed the Vazuz reservoir. Its waters, used for water supply in Moscow, flooded the most rapacious places in the river valley.

The Vazuza River is replenished by the melting snow, rains and underground springs. The ice cover is set at the beginning of November, and in the first days of April ice breaks out.


In the picturesque places of the Smolensk region, far from the city where the Vazuza river flows, the photo of which is below, there are several recreation centers. There are different leisure options and a lot of entertainment. There are rental offices where you can take sports equipment and equipment.

Comfortable hotel rooms provide rest at European level. On the territory of the hotels there are restaurants, and in guest cottages there is a possibility to cook food by yourself, if you wish you can have a picnic.


Fans of fishing can combine their leisure with fascinating fishing. The reservoir and the river are rich in fish. Here they catch pike, pike perch, yazya, tench, roach, perch, bream. Fish are fed all year round.

An ideal place for fishing and hunting is the fishing-hunting base, which is called "On the Vazuza". It is located on the shore of the reservoir, where you can not only fish, but also hunt for moose, wild boar, roe deer, hare, fox, ferret, weasel.

The river Vazuza flows through the most beautiful places. On its banks there are no industrial enterprises that would pollute the reservoir with waste, and small towns and villages do not harm the waters of the river. The pure water of Vazuza replenishes the reserves of the Moscow River and attracts many fishing enthusiasts for environmentally friendly fish.

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