The 'Suprax' (suspension)

The medicine "Supraks" (suspension) belongs to the category of antibiotics with a wide range of effects. The active component of the agent is cefixime. Suspension is considered to be the most convenient dosage form of "Supraks" for the treatment of children. When taken in therapeutic dosages according to the recommendations of a specialist, the medicine is usually tolerated well enough by the children.

The suspension is prepared from granules immediately before administration. Getting inside, the medicine penetrates into the bloodstream and tissues. The optimal therapeutic result can be observed after four hours after administration. The duration of the drug after a single use - a day. Thus, one reception per day is enough.

The active component of the drug (cefixime) has a bactericidal property. The substance destroys bacteria cells, preventing the formation of their membranes. A distinctive feature of the drug "Suprax" (suspension) is that its active ingredient is not destroyed by some enzymes produced by microbes. This, in turn, expands the range of possibilities of the drug.

"Supraks" (suspension) is active in many bacteria, both gram-negative and gram-positive, which provoke infectious processes in the urinary, respiratory system, as well as soft tissues and ENT organs. However, there are bacteria that show resistance (resistance) to the drug. So, most staphylococci are insensitive to the drug.

The preparation "Supraks" (suspension) recommends the use of instructions for children from six months. The indications for the drug include pathology in the respiratory tract and in the ENT organs of an infectious-inflammatory, bacterial nature in the lung, severe and middle course. The "Supraks" (suspension) tool recommends children with fronts, sinusitis, otitis, angina, laryngitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis.

In many cases, inflammatory processes complicate acute respiratory infections of a viral nature in children. In such situations, it is necessary to begin treatment as early as possible.

The medicine "Supraks" (suspension) is also recommended for infectious inflammatory processes in the urinary tract and kidneys. The indications include such diseases as cystitis, pyelonephritis (a mild course of the acute form and stages of exacerbation of the chronic course). In the severe course of these pathologies, the suspension "Supraks" is appointed at the final stage after the parenteral (past the digestive system) administration of cephalosporins.

The drug is not prescribed for children up to six months, with insufficient kidneys of severe chronic course, as well as with increased sensitivity of the patient to the components.

Like any medicine, the "Suprax" means there are side effects. Disorders of the digestive system are the most common undesirable manifestations. Antibiotic "Supraks" can adversely affect the normal intestinal microflora. In this regard, the attending physician may recommend, in addition to the drug, any remedy beneficially affecting the condition of the microflora. The medicine can cause allergic reactions, headache, kidney or liver function (transitory) dizziness, dryness in the oral cavity, deterioration of appetite.

It is necessary to remember that the medicament "Supraks" is an antibiotic, so only a specialist should prescribe it. The dosage of the drug is determined individually, taking into account the nature of the disease and the condition of the patient.

Before using the "Supraks", you should read the instructions.

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