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The most interesting fairy tale for a child: what is it and what about it?

Which fairy tale is the most interesting? For each child, it will have its own, because everyone has different tastes and preferences. Someone loves kind characters and empathizes with them, and other souls do not worship villains, because they always lose. The kids of losers are sorry, and they always retain hope for their correction. At an early age, most children choose one story they like and ask their parents to re-read and retell it endlessly. It often happens that the child learns the whole story by heart, and the book is rubbed up to holes.

The fairy tale always lived

Fairy tale, most likely, lived always. Ancient people told their children interesting stories, supported by their drawings, which were left on the walls of caves. As time went by, these stories were overgrown with new facts, different heroes appeared in them, who solved problems that were topical in this or that time period. Some of these stories are still alive, although many centuries have passed since their writing. Among the ancient works, which simply can not be said, "Myths of Ancient Greece" and the Russian epic about the heroes. The last of these are perhaps the most interesting fairy tales, and Alyosha, Dobrynya and Ilya are known not only in Russia, but abroad as well (the merit of Viktor Vasnetsov). Fables and epics were told from generation to generation, thanks to which in every country of the world there were folk tales.

The most interesting tales for toddlers

For a small child up to a year old and a baby who is not yet two years old, it's hard to concentrate on one thing for more than 10-15 minutes, so the fairytales for such children should be short. The very first books that are recommended for children to read from birth to two years are as follows:

  1. "The Gingerbread Man".
  2. "Chicken Ryaba."
  3. "Zayushkina's hut."
  4. "Three Bears".
  5. "Turnip".
  6. "Teremok".
  7. "The Fox and the Crane".

Despite the small amount, these are the most interesting fairy tales for children. They are instructive, incredibly kind, with a semantic load. For an elementary level and for the first acquaintance of the child with the book of the best variant simply not to find. Such tales are able to introduce children to forest and domestic animals, to teach savvy, cunning and, of course, friendship.

Tales for children from two years old and those older

For older children, you should look at more complex works, such as:

  1. "The Fly of the Tsokotukha", "Doctor Aybolit" and other poetic fairy tales of Chukovsky.
  2. "Sister Alenushka and brother Ivanushka."
  3. Suits all the tales of Alexander Pushkin, written in verse.
  4. "The Little Humpbacked Horse".
  5. "Frosty."
  6. "The Silver Hoof."
  7. "Swan geese".

This is the most interesting Russian fairy tales, although it can be listed for a very long time, their innumerable number. This state of affairs is very beneficial for young parents, because choosing something special for a child is easy, especially knowing his preferences and interest in something.

Tips for Parents of Restless Children

Many parents complain that their children are not sitting around, with an absolute lack of assiduity. They envy the white envy of families, where the kid listens with interest to his mother or father, reading, for example, "Cockroach", suggesting every word, or flipping through his favorite book, telling the most interesting fairy tale, in his opinion. Psychologists and teachers in such situations are advised to bring a holiday in reading books, try to interest the child. For this, toys that are put on the hand, called bi-ba-bos, can come up. Reading a fairy tale, arrange a kind of puppet show with the interaction of the characters. The child should also be handed a soft toy, which will be some kind of hero from the readable work. Such a process of interaction is usually very popular with children, they start with great pleasure not only to listen to a fairy tale, but also to play it.

Another option recommended by educators and psychologists to introduce the restless child to a world of fantasy and good fiction is the preservation of the tradition of reading to him the most interesting fairy tales for the night. For children this way is not only contact with parents who in the modern world are forced to work a lot, but also the best opportunity to perceive the information offered in a calm and comfortable environment, in a relaxed state, tired of a fascinating day full of new discoveries and adventures. For parents, this is also a good completion of the day and an excellent pastime after hard working days.

The fairy tale, like a great great-grandmother, has brought up countless children, and the need for it will never fade.

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