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The most famous German actors. top 10

Modern German cinematography is rich in both world-famous actors and young talents who have just announced themselves. German actors, photos of which are provided below, are placed according to their popularity rating in reverse order.

10. Max Rimelt

German actors are increasingly appearing in international projects and international festivals. It is to this category refers Max Rimelt. During his fast acting career, he received numerous awards, among them "Best Actor of Cinema", "Best Young Actor", "The Gunther Rohrbach Award" and many others.

Max's acting abilities began to appear in childhood. He played in school plays, and in 13 years starred in the German TV series. He attracted attention, and he was invited to the main role in the next project in a year. After this, his acting career began to develop rapidly. In addition to film and television, the actor also participates in radio performances, sounding a variety of projects, and also devotes much time to his physical training.

9. Tom Schilling

Like many actors of German cinema, Tom Schilling began his career early - at 12 years old. He began with theatrical productions, and then with episodic roles in television projects. Since 2000, he began acting in films, while receiving positive reviews and numerous awards.

Special attention should be paid to the role of the young Adolf Hitler in the sensational film "My Struggle". To date, the actor has several dozens of successful films, as well as nominations and awards.

8. Matthias Schweighefer

Parents Matthias - well-known German actors, so with the choice of future profession, the actor was defined as a child. He entered a well-known theater school and studied dramatic art. His career began with Matthias television series. For a short time, he played in dozens of TV series and films, while at the same time working with the most famous directors of Germany.

Since 2004, the actor also actively plays on the stages of the most famous theaters in Berlin. Matthias received many awards and prizes and is considered one of the most famous and promising actors of European cinema and theater.

7. Alexander Feling

One of the most talented and promising young actors of German cinema. Alexander graduated from the famous school of theatrical art in Berlin, after which he actively acted in television series and participated in theatrical productions. After that, he is noticed, and the actor begins to get serious roles.

2009 brought the actor a lot of popularity, because he was involved in the film Quentin Tarantino. After that, they learned about Alexander not only in Germany. Alexander plays a lot in the films of young German directors, where other young German actors are also involved. Alexander has many nominations and awards, including international level.

6. Ronald Zerfeld

A popular German actor, who until recently was primarily involved in serials. Over the past few years, however, the actor managed to light up in successful projects that were presented at international festivals. This made Ronald more popular actor, as well as recognizable outside Germany.

As well as other well-known German actors, Ronald graduated from the drama school in Berlin Ernst Busch. Now the actor is actively acting in films and other serious projects.

5. Daniel Brühl

The future actor was born in Barcelona. Due to the presence of the Spanish mother and the German father, the actor speaks two languages, plus fluently communicates in English and French. This gives him the opportunity to work in a variety of countries. The actor received several German, Spanish, and international prizes.

Actor's career Daniel began in the series, followed by work in the cinema. Since 2004, the actor has been shooting in English films, including famous British actors, for which he receives many nominations. Now the actor is removed a lot and works with directors with a worldwide reputation.

4. August Diehl

The future actor was born in Berlin in the family of a German actor and costume designer. While he was studying, his family moved a lot, so for a while August lived in Paris, Vienna, Hamburg and Dusseldorf. He early began to be interested in theatrical art and graduated from the famous Berlin acting school named after Ernst Bush.

Since 1997, the actor has withdrawn a lot, received many awards, including the Bavarian Film Prize, Berlinale, and the German Association of Film Critics honored him with high marks for his acting role.

3. Moritz Bleibtreu

Born into a family of German actors. From an early age he was very independent, he worked in many cities of the world, including New York, Paris, Rome, where he also took acting lessons. Since 1994, he began a fast acting career, where the role in the film "Run, Lola, Run" is especially noteworthy.

The actor is awarded numerous nominations and awards, including at prestigious international festivals. Now the actor is involved mainly in dramatic roles and various cinematographic projects.

2. Jürgen Vogel

One of the most successful and popular actors of modern Germany. Career Jürgen began as a model, and then began to appear in serials and films. Since the mid-1980s, the actor has embodied hundreds of roles in film and television.

Since 2006, he has received many international awards. On his account nominations and international awards, in particular he was nominated by the European Film Academy in the category "Best Actor".

1. Til Schweiger

German actor Til Schweiger is undoubtedly the brightest star of modern German cinema. He is not only a talented actor of cinema and theater, but also a famous screenwriter and director. Since 1997, his popularity has broken out of Germany and remains there until now. Special success was brought to him by the sensational film "Knockin 'on Heaven", which was recognized as one of the most successful at various international festivals.

The future German actor Schweiger was born in Freiburg, and after graduation he followed in the footsteps of his parents and began to study German studies. Over time, he lost interest in studying and decided to devote himself to medicine, but this did not last long either. His girlfriend, who studied at the theater school, convinced him to try himself as an actor. With his help, he entered the theater school in Cologne, after which he was invited to work as an actor in the theater in Bonn.

On the screens he debuted in the television series, and immediately after the first roles in the big movie, he became the undisputed star of Germany. World fame to the actor brought the film "Knockin 'on Heaven," where Till played the role of a cancer patient who set off for criminal races.

Since 1997, the actor also works as a director. His painting "Barefoot on the pavement" was Germany's highest grossing film in 2005. On his acting and directing account, dozens of successful films. His work is also continued by four of his children, who also appear in television and cinema.

Modern German cinematography is rich in both young and well-known actors with a worldwide reputation. In recent years, interest in German cinema has increased significantly, which is associated with the participation of actors in European and international film festivals. German actors are awarded numerous awards and nominations not only in Germany, but also abroad.

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