The most beautiful places on the planet Earth: a photo with description. TOP 10 of the most beautiful places on the planet

Our planet is beautiful. And the more a person travels, the more he becomes convinced of this. But to visit all the beautiful places, cities, lagoons and natural objects, the whole life is not enough. It is difficult to make a rating of "Top-10 most beautiful places of the planet". And what can serve as a criterion? The aesthetic flair of people is different. In addition, there are man-made landscapes, from the view of which breathtaking. These are, for example, tulip fields in Holland, flower plantations in Provence, Hitachi Park near the Japanese city of Hitatinka, broken in 1991 on the site of a former military base, or the Rhine Valley with its medieval castles and vineyards. But we still chose the ten dizzying landscapes that everyone should like. In this article we list the most beautiful places of the planet with a description of them and photos. Do you agree with the rating below?

Great Blue Hole

This unique natural phenomenon is invariably present in all lists of the most beautiful places of our planet. Perhaps, he does not always occupy the first line. Near the Yucatan Peninsula, along the coast of the Caribbean Sea, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef stretches for 700 kilometers. Jacques Yves Cousteau discovered the Blue Hole on the section of the underwater coral chain Lighthouse. The phenomenon is administratively owned by Belize and is located one hundred kilometers from the coast of this Latin American country. The hole is a perfectly round hole 305 meters in diameter and 120 meters deep. Among the azure blue waters, it appears to be a dark blue pupil. Alas, the most beautiful places of the planet are often the most difficult to access. Admire the hole can be from the air. But in order to fully enjoy the beauties of this phenomenon, it needs to dive into it - in the most direct sense of the word. If you are a professional diver, you will have an unforgettable sight. The walls of the karst funnel are surrounded by stalactites, and this "cave" is inhabited by huge groupers, stingrays and lemon sharks.

Geyser "Fly"

The most beautiful places of the planet are not limited only to the masterpieces created by nature, like, for example, the karst failure of the Blue Hole. Geyser Fly is a thermal and constantly operating source on the eponymous ranch in the American state of Nevada. There was this beauty ... by mistake. In 1916, the owner of the ranch wanted to cut a well. But in his zeal he dug to the geothermal pocket. Boiling water began to dissolve mineral rocks and in 1964 came to the surface. Now the geyser throws three jets of water at a height of one and a half meter. Cyanobacteria, algae and calcium carbonate stain the liquid in bizarre colors. Unfortunately, few people can contemplate this beauty. And not because the ranch is located in inaccessible mountains. No, the geyser, occupying the second position in the "Top beautiful places of the planet" is located 30 km from the town Gerlach and very close to the road R34. But the owners of the ranch carefully hide their wealth and let them look only at whom they want. All attempts to redeem the territory to make the passage to the geyser accessible to the public have so far not been crowned with success.

Crystal River

The official name of this waterway is Cagno-Kristales. But the local tribes living in the jungle of Central Colombia call it the "River of Five Colors" or "Runaway from Paradise". Many beautiful places of the planet are in the tropics. But Cagno-Kristales is the most original river. Its waters are really painted in red, green, yellow, black and blue. The inhabitants of the river are algae. The rainbow flows through the foothill rainforest of the Amazon. To reach this natural phenomenon is possible with an excursion to the national park of Serrania de la Macarena. Tours last four days and are held from June to November, during a period of rapid flowering of algae.

The Rush of the Colorado River

Many of the most beautiful places on the planet, whose photos are known by posters and postcards, are in the USA. The government of this country cherishes the natural sights, creating national parks and reserves. The Colorado River itself is very picturesque. But there is in its channel such a site, which, curving, forms the shape of an ideal horseshoe. Looking at such beauty is best from a bird's eye view - from the side of a helicopter. Located in Colorado in the state of Arizona, near the city of Page, eight kilometers below Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Dam.

Arizona Wave

To see this phenomenon of nature, you need to be lucky and win the lottery. Why? Because these mountains are formed from ancient sand dunes about two hundred million years ago. Under the influence of winds and rains, the ridge acquired a truly unearthly landscape. However, the excessive presence of people here can destroy the soft sandstone. Therefore, only twenty people are admitted per day. Ten vouchers are played online four months before the excursion, and another 10 - on the eve, on the R89. This highway passes near the already mentioned Page. It so happened that these most beautiful places of the planet - the bend of Colorado and the Martian landscape of the Arizona wave - are located side by side.

Cueva de los Cristales Cave

Some of the most beautiful places on the planet, alas, are hidden underground. This natural object was discovered only recently - in the 2000th year. And then the Mexican city of Chihuahua became known not only as the birthplace of the Chihuahuan dog breed. When they were laying a new mining tunnel, they came across a underground cavity filled with water. Its depth is three hundred meters. But not because of this cave got into the Top 10 "The most beautiful places of the planet". The photo shows giant ray-shaped crystals that grew on the walls of underground halls. Some of them reach a value of fifteen meters. And what is most interesting, these crystals were formed in an aqueous medium. For several hundred thousand years on the walls of the labyrinth selenite (a kind of gypsum) settled. Tourists are not allowed into the cave, because the temperature in it is +60 о С, and the air is saturated with hydrogen sulfide vapor .

Solonchak Salar de Uyuni

The object is located near the highland lake Titicaca. He is named after the nearby town of Uyuni (Bolivia). It is the largest dry lake in the world. But not because of the size it fell into the rating "The most beautiful places on the planet". A huge field is covered with fine salt crystals. They are so shining in the sun of the desert that you can not do without protective glasses. But that's not all. Tourists are taken to look at the solonchak during the rainy season, which lasts in Bolivia from November to March. Then this natural attraction again turns into a shallow lake. But the high concentration of salt gives the water the properties of the mirror. The reflecting sky merges with the horizon. Indescribable beauty!

Later the lake is covered with hydrochloric crust. Water breaks out through small cone-shaped volcanoes. The city of Uyuni is also famous for its fishing island (Isla de Pescadores). In fact, this is an oasis, in which eight-meter cacti grow, whose age sometimes amounts to thousands of years. And the shore of the solonchak is surrounded by the Forest of stones. Bizarre sculptures created by rain and wind.

Spotted Lake Kliluk

Three seasons a year is the most common reservoir. And only in the hot summer the smooth surface and shores of the lake turn into the most beautiful places on the planet. This reservoir has the highest concentration of sodium, calcium, magnesium sulfate, titanium and silver in the world. When the summer heat comes, the upper layer of water dries up. Minerals form multi-colored islands - "ice floes", which float on the surface of the lake, and you can walk on them. Imagine! The color of such icebergs depends on the prevailing substance. The facility is located near the town of Osoyoos (British Columbia), in Canada, near the border with the United States. Europeans gave the reservoir the name Spotted Lake (Spotted Lake), which is a literal translation of the name given to the object by the Indians of the Okanagan tribe. For them, Kliluk is still a sacred place. After all, the waters of the lake heal wounds. The indigenous population bought out a pond and did not let the whites into it. You can admire the lake only from a distance - from the highway.

Enchanted well

If the Canadian lake is included in the Top 10 "Beautiful places of the planet Earth" only in the summer, then this landmark reveals its magic only for an hour and a half per day. After all, there is an enchanted well at the bottom of an 80-meter cave. The water in it is so clean that the bottom is visible to the smallest detail. But the well is deep - thirty-seven meters! At the bottom lie the trees and branches that fell into the cave many years ago. Its well opens from the half-past ten to noon. Then the sun's rays penetrate the cave.

As if by a wave of the fairy's wand, everything - the pond and the walls of the underground cavity - is illuminated by a magical sapphire light. This phenomenal natural object is located in the Chapada-Diamontina National Park in the northeast of Brazil. Due to the fragility of the eco-system, access to the well is strictly regulated.

Marble caves

And closes the list of "The most beautiful places of the planet" lake, lying on the border of Argentina and Chile. It has three names at once. The Argentines call it Buenos Aires, the Chileans - General Carrera, and the indigenous tribes of the Indians - Chelenko, which means "Lake Buri". The name is very good, because the climate here is harsh, mountainous. But the lake is teeming with fish, especially trout and salmon. The most beautiful and original corner is on the Chilean side. These are Marble Caves.

A valuable stone here is apparently invisible. And the marble in the caves of different shades - even the rich blue. Penetrating under the arches of caves, the sun's rays make the mineral play hundreds of colors.

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