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The minimum wage in Russia

People who are wealthy rarely think about what the minimum wage in Russia is. Indeed, when the husband and wife work and have no children, the aggregate income of the family can be very, very decent. Everything changes when a child comes into the family. Instead of two miners there is only one, but two dependents appear. Of course, the first 1.5 years a woman will receive benefits, but often its size is very small. It is connected, as a rule, with a low official salary of a woman before the decree. And now the family, which has recently had quite decent incomes, is almost on the verge of poverty. On the other hand, if the per capita income for each family member is lower than the minimum subsistence minimum, they are entitled to additional benefits. At a minimum - free meals for a child over one year old, which can be prescribed by a doctor in a polyclinic.

Today's reality is that the minimum wage in Russia is below the subsistence level. And not just lower, but much less, by 31.3%. On the average in the country it is equal to 4611 rubles. In fact, an employer for a whole month of work can pay so much that an employee will not be able to satisfy even the most minimal of his needs - the truth is on the verge of absurdity. However, 30 subjects of the Russian Federation used their legal right to establish their minimum wage, which exceeds the minimum wage in Russia as a whole. In particular, in the capital it is 11,700 rubles, in the Sverdlovsk region - 5300, in St. Petersburg - 7,781 rubles.

In general, the cost of the minimum food set is 2550.8 rubles. If we compare it with the size of the minimum wage, it becomes clear that such a salary will suffice only to provide one member of the family with food and pay utility bills (and not completely). There will be no money for medicines, entertainment and clothes anymore.

The minimum wage in Russia is constantly increasing, at least 1-2 times a year. Over time, it is planned to level the minimum wage and the minimum subsistence level. However, even in this case, a person who receives wages at a minimum will balance on the brink of survival. In particular, 23 kg of fresh fruit per year are supposed to be healthy, workable and working. On the day, this figure is 63 grams, and a week - almost half a kilogram. On the one hand, it seems that not too little, on the other, for these days you can not buy half a kilo of fresh strawberries or cherries, the cost of which exceeds 200-300 rubles even in a season, or in winter fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, greens. To speak in this case about a high-grade vitamin nutrition it is not necessary.

What is the minimum wage in Russia for? To regulate the payment of employees, for the calculation of benefits for pregnancy and childbirth, as well as temporary disability benefits. Also on its basis, fines, duties, and fees are calculated.

If you can still feed yourself on this money, leaning on pasta and potatoes, then with clothes and shoes the situation is even worse. For 3.2 years you can wear no more than 6 pairs for all seasons. And it's not about the brand shoes from expensive stores, because the minimum wage is simply not buy. So it turns out: a pair of winter boots, autumn boots, shoes, boots and sandals, that is, a minimum set of shoes (five pairs) from the market should be worn for three years, while they barely survive 1-2 seasons.

Most often the minimum wage is received by young employees who have recently come from higher education institutions, students on work-offs, employees of budget organizations. I am glad that the number of employers offering a minimum wage in the whole country is not so great.

Our country is by no means the only one in which the minimum wage is set 2012. Russia in the world ranking of countries takes far from being an honorable 40th place. In the first place Luxembourg with a minimum wage of more than 1700 dollars. On the second and third are Holland and Belgium, respectively.

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