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The meaning of Inna's name and its influence on your child

Esoterics, astrologers, priests have long noticed this feature: if a person in life is fatally unlucky, if he does not get along in his personal life, with work or health, if luck is turned away seriously and for a very long time - the most effective way to cope with trouble is to change the name . After all, often in it is our destiny predestined. Change the name - change the fate, reborn. Only, of course, to the choice of a new name-rank you need to approach very carefully and carefully, so as not to change the awl to soap. By the way, one of the essences of the rite of baptism is also associated with the receipt by man of a new name as a symbolic finding of a new life path.

Interpretation of a name

The origin of the name Inna turns us to the immemorial times of Roman and Greek history. It was from there, from the Latin language, that it came to us, and translated as "stormy," "energetic," and also "turbulent water flow." Inna's birthday is celebrated twice - on July 3rd and February 2nd. The European version of the name is Inessa. Of course, Inna is more common in us, Inessa is perceived as somewhat pretentious, exotic, but it was this name that was adopted in noble families and was considered a manifestation of subtle taste and aestheticism at the dawn of the 20th century.

Characteristics and qualities

Inna, as a rule, are small and quite fragile. However, the characterization of the name Inna goes a little bit against this. After all, nature has endowed them with a truly strong and purposeful character. Therefore, the bearers of the name are not afraid to argue with the authorities or the husband-buoyant. They have enough presence of spirit and will to withstand the pressure of others and "squeeze" the situation in the right direction. For example, if the hubby has gone on a spree and tried to set out on a free voyage, Inna will not only leave him, but she will also take the children, and her property will not be forgotten. And back will return only when he brings his repentant head to her mercy. Repentant sincerely!

She invariably wins in disputes with a neighbor, does not hesitate to express her opinion to her husband's friends, if they knock him out of the way and tear him away from the family. The value of the name Inna gives her a huge energy potential to achieve her, whether it concerns protection and strengthening of the family hearth or defending her interests at work.

But the bearer of the name often fights not only for herself. She also fiercely and fearlessly intercedes for others. If justice is trespassed somewhere, someone defenseless needs support, he can count on Inna first. He does not even have to ask for help. The meaning of Inna's name is such that she herself will do it without prompting from the side. Passion and honesty in her, as they say, in the blood.

But also to herself a girl, a girl, an adult woman - at any age requires attention. Indifference, she does not tolerate in any form. As well as he does not like criticism in his address, even constructive. But if in a calm state it can perceive it somehow more or less adequately, then, being angry, fully realizes the meaning of the name Inna And will react violently to any negative word in his address.

As a rule, those ladies, who are so called, are endowed with a sharp mind, observance, and talent of the analyst. Studies are given easily, especially in the humanities. They are not deprived of a creative vein, they often write poems in their youth. Perfectly show themselves as business partners, showing a bright creative and remarkable working capacity. An enthusiast by nature, she can infect many with her active temperament, and this is one of the secrets of her charm, which lies in the meaning of the name Inna.

Professional implementation

From Inn there are good talented actresses - Inna Churikova, Makarova, Gulaya. Their roles are bright, memorable, not ordinary - like the owners of this magical name themselves. Inessa Armand - another worthy representative of the glorious family Inn, the most active revolutionary, an ardent comrade-in-arms of Lenin, a prominent public and political figure. No less active and known is another politician - Inna Bogoslovskaya from the Ukrainian Rada. In addition, doctors, journalists, company managers, teachers are very often found among women with this name.

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