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The meaning of Bell's name is beautiful and talented

The sophisticated name has ancient Latin roots. It is believed that it is derived from European: Isabella, Arabella, Beladonna. Her relatives and friends kindly call her Belochka, Belchonok, Belka.

Creativity of Ahmadulina

Undoubtedly, such a wonderful name is not simple, but an extraordinary woman. Immediately comes to mind the image of the incomparable and talented Bella Akhmadulina. This popular poetess has exotic roots - Italian and Tatar. Her poems were loved and worshiped at the same time. Non-lovers of a romantic style consider her poems worthless and even vulgar.

Most lovers of poetry worship it. Poetess became popular in her youth, and her career began to rise rapidly. Did the value of the name of Bell influence the character and profession of the poet? Of course. After all, her poetry consists of lyrical works, and Bella - creative and emotional natures.

Her poetry is distinguished by the deep psychology of the female inner world. They make you think, worry. After all, every little thing in our life does not appear from nowhere, but has its clear purpose and meaning. Her work is interesting not only in Russia, but also has her admirers abroad. The American Academy of Arts and Literature put it on its honorary lists.

Pianist Bella Davidovich

Undoubtedly, the importance of Bell's name influences the life and professional activities of the woman who wears it. Let us recall, for example, the legendary pianist Bella Mikhailovna Davidovich. She, who emigrated abroad in the years of perestroika, was allowed to perform on our stage. And to this day Davidovich works and participates in various international piano competitions as a member of the jury.

Characteristics and meaning of the name of Bell for its possessor

In Latin it means beautiful. The main features of the girl, who is so called, are:

  • equilibrium;
  • thoughtfulness;
  • External and internal tranquility;
  • curiosity;
  • Self-esteem;
  • Emotionality.

The girl who is called Bella, the name "pushes" to be attentive, reasonable, sympathetic, but straightforward. She is faithful to the end of her principles and defends her point of view.

Some personality traits interfere with her life. She takes the jokes addressed to her too seriously. And all because of his obstinacy and desire to be independent.

To choose a profession, the value of Bell's name is large enough. By nature, emotional, sublime and at the same time persistent, it will necessarily achieve its goal. Girls with this name will succeed, regardless of whether it's creative activity or business, most importantly, do not ignore the advice of well-wishers.

Health and marriage

Bella's health is good, except for the likelihood of rheumatic fever. The development of mental abilities is incompatible with the use of drugs and psychotropic drugs.

Her future husband chooses his wife carefully and looks at him for a long time. But in marriage it can not be called happy. She will either divorce or live with her husband out of a sense of duty. Bella is kind, and her love for men, so she will not remain alone.

There are no names for girls, but Bell's name can rightly be considered one of the most beautiful and rare.

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