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Belief is ...? What is a belief and how does it affect our lives?

Ancient beliefs even today have a strong influence on people's consciousness. To correct this, neither progressive science nor advanced technologies are capable. And all because many of the beliefs originate in such a distant past that they have already become an integral part of ourselves.

But why do we need them? What is their essence? And why do modern scientists believe that the belief is just a children's fairy tale or an implausible fiction?

A bit of specifics

First, you need to understand the framework that defines the meaning of this word. So, most dictionaries tell us that the belief is a traditional folk tradition based on the mythical belief that the world is governed by otherworldly forces. Most often, these legends reflect how the gods (spirits, demons, karma and so on) affect the fate of mere mortals and their world.

For example, since ancient times, there is a belief that an inverted horseshoe attracts good luck. And although the natural sciences deny the possibility of such a relationship, yet many still believe in it, and therefore without a twinge of conscience hang this equestrian attribute at home.

Where do superstitions come from?

In truth, any belief is just an attempt to explain an incomprehensible event or phenomenon. After all, our ancestors knew practically nothing about the structure of this world, and therefore filled the existing gaps with fictitious laws and non-existent interrelations.

For them it was quite logical, because then there was no physics or chemistry. In addition, any belief is a desperate attempt to protect themselves and their loved ones. Proof of these words can serve as a superstition that a broken mirror promises misfortune. Therefore, even today, from an early age, we are accustoming our children to the fact that it is impossible to beat mirror surfaces or glass.

To equally well-known beliefs is the fact that you can not transfer money through the doorstep, clean in the house after sunset and sift salt on the table.

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