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The film "Big Lebowski": actors and roles

Lack of commercial success does not always indicate a low quality of the feature film. Many critics argue that the worst work of the Cowen brothers is the crime comedy "Big Lebowski" that was published in 1998. Actors, however, played on "excellent", and jokes, which abound in the script of the picture, acquired the status of folk. So, who got the main and secondary roles in this humorous film project?

A few words about the plot

The work "Deep Dream", written back in 1939 by Chandler, became the basis for the script, on which the film "Big Lebowski" was shot. However, the comedy drama can hardly be called the adaptation of this work, as many details were modified, new heroes were added, unexpected plot twists were invented. The tape takes place in 1991 in Los Angeles.

The film "Big Lebowski" introduces viewers to an unusual character, who responds to the nickname "Dude". The hero enjoys life, gladly accepting all her gifts and not worrying about the lack of permanent work. It is quite enough for him to drink and arrange bowling competitions with his friends, and a small unemployment allowance also makes it possible to pay bills. Unfortunately, Geoffrey's peaceful existence ends when criminals confuse him with another person. The rich man wears the same name as Lebowski, so the bandits are convinced that they should pay a large sum of money to the "Dude". The method of pressure on him should be a kidnapped woman, who is mistaken for his wife Lebowski.

Who played the main character

Actor Jeff Bridges, telling journalists about filming in a criminal comedy, calls the role of "Dude" his main creative achievement. Not surprisingly, if it were not for the picture of the Cowan brothers, who received a wide response and won many admirers, it is unlikely that the star of the 70s Bridges could triumphantly return to the big cinema. Interestingly, in the film, his character wears mostly his own things.

Of course, Jeff - not the only star of the comedy "Big Lebowski," whose actors are mostly well known to the public. However, he got the most difficult role with which he flawlessly coped. In the past, the character of Bridges managed to make many attempts to improve the world around him. However, tired of the senselessness of such an occupation, the hero chose for himself a passive existence, turning into a "dude" who likes only to play bowling. Critics are united in the fact that Jeff created an interesting image of a nihilist, indifferent to people and traditional values of life like status in society, wealth.

John Goodman and his hero

Is there a better way to show the audience all the unusual character, than to surround him with more extraordinary people? "Dude" - not the only interesting hero of the film project "Big Lebowski." The actors who played Jeffrey's friends could make their characters lively and unusual.

Few of the viewers who liked the crime comedy, could not remember Walter Sobchak. This is the name of the buddy of the central character, the image of which was masterfully created by John Goodman. He played a veteran of the Vietnamese battle, who is troubled by post-traumatic syndrome. Unbalance makes Sobchak a hero of endless comical incidents, but this does not prevent him from remaining a loyal friend.

By the age of 63, John Goodman managed to film about a hundred different projects. Walter Sobchak is not the only bright role that allowed the actor to be remembered by the audience. It is interesting that the status of the star was presented to him by another film by Cowen - "Raising Arizona". Also Goodman is known to the audience for roles in the films "Barton Fink", "King Ralph", "Fear of Spiders".

Steve Buscemi and his character

Walter Sobchak is not the only friend of the main character of the comedy "Big Lebowski", the actors and whose roles and after almost two decades interest viewers. Also, "Dude" closely communicated with a guy named Donnie, who was in his bowling team. Interestingly, Theodore is completely unaware of the adventures of his friend, so he constantly finds himself in ridiculous situations. Unfortunately, Donnie's life ends sadly.

Steve Buscemi is the performer of this role. Actor over the years of shooting had to work with a lot of director stars. Among them are not only the brothers Cowena, but also Tarantino, Jarmusch, Rodriguez. You can see it in such famous bands as "Mad Dogs", "Pulp Fiction", "Fargo", "Mystic Train".

The namesake of the protagonist

Obviously, the viewers are also interested in the character for whom the bandits took Jeffrey Lebowski. The namesake of the "Dude" was excellently played by David Huddlestone. His hero in this picture was a grumpy owner of a huge fortune, already for many years forced to be in a wheelchair, becoming one of the victims of the Korean War. Interestingly, people resembling "Dude" and his friends, cause the "big" Lebowski only contempt.

David Huddlestone is an actor who recently celebrated his 85th birthday. First of all, this person is known for his comedic gift, most often removed in humorous pictures. However, David also has serious dramatic roles on the account. Viewers can remember an American by shooting in the films "Santa Claus", "Shining Saddles", "Invincible".

The family of the "big" Lebowski

The wife of the same name Jeffrey, allegedly abducted by a criminal group, was played by actress Tara Reed. Her character Bunny before the marriage worked in the field of porn. It was her love for expensive things that forced her husband to remain in debt to the bandits. Curiously, the role of Bunny claimed Charlize Theron, but the directors preferred Reed.

There is a "big" Lebowski and daughter Maud, in the role of which appears Juliana Moore. Her heroine is fond of writing avant-garde paintings, believes in feminist postulates. The girl constantly quarrels with her father, whom he reproaches in excessive vanity.

Other interesting heroes

The list of unusual characters will not be complete unless you include the character played by Ben Gazzar. Actor, also known for the tapes "Dogville", "Buffalo 66", embodied the image of a man who is engaged in the creation and sale of films belonging to the category of porn. Once upon a time Bunny Lebowski acted in his works, then it turned out to the former employer a large sum of money.

Philip Seymour Hoffman is another star of the criminal comedy. In his performance, the assistant to the sick millionaire, who placed his own well-being and his master above all else, turned out brilliantly. His game can be admired by watching such films as "The Talented Mr. Ripley", "The Scent of a Woman". Unfortunately, Philip Seymour Hoffman died at the age of 46.

So look the most interesting characters of the fascinating comedy story.

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